Custom Yoyo Cases (To Buy)

Hey guys! I am making custom yoyo cases and I will be selling them for $20-$40 (plush shipping)(and I still have to figure out how much the cases are so the prices are subject to change) bucks depending on size. The holes in the foam will be almost perfect circles, the case will be sturdy and tough, and the foam I use is REAL foam (meaning that the YYE cases use the same kind of foam I’m using but it is DEFINITELY not as strong as the foam I use)(the foam is cut to an exact by a professional foam cutter)(from Norm’s Foam and Fabric shop). Also, to make there, I need a little help on where to get shells for the cases because the shell I got is from my friend’s dad. Other than that they are good to go and very sturdy. If you would like one email me at
Here are some pictures of the case that I made today: