Yoyo Case Making/Selling

Hi. I just got a shell for a case from my friend’s dad. (I don’t know where else I could find shells like this) I bought foam, cut holes in it, (using an open, empty tomato paste can) and filled it with my yoyos. I would like to start selling cases but I need to know where to buy the case shells. It would be great if someone could tell me where to buy them. If you would like to buy one, comment below or email me. They will be $15-$30 (prices subject to change based on size, type of foam, and other things (like type of case because I’m not sure how much cases are)). These cases look great and are extremely protective. The one I made has 12 holes. If you would like anything different (Like a kendama hole (I have a kendema to make the hole with)) than what mine looks like please specify. Here are some pictures:
/Users/samfun/Desktop/Photo on 3-28-13 at 3.46 PM.jpg
/Users/samfun/Desktop/Photo on 3-28-13 at 3.46 PM #2.jpg
/Users/samfun/Desktop/Photo on 3-28-13 at 3.49 PM.jpg
/Users/samfun/Desktop/Photo on 3-28-13 at 3.49 PM #2.jpg

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Here they are:

Looks like pretty clean work, man. Good job.

Though you may want to factor in the shipping costs to your final price. Shipping alone on one of those things could be $15.

No way, when i shipped a hard drive it was $15, its got to be more.

I’ve shipped a couple cases before. Both times they ran me around $13.

They ship by weight don’t they?

Yeah. Hard drives are pretty heavy. If he is making it from the cheaper cases like that, it won’t weigh too much, but it will if he uses a nice solid case

I’ve shipped multiple pairs of kicks at once and was always around 30$ for two pairs with boxes around sizes 11 and that was always around same price so I think if you out 15$ for a small case maybe 20$ for a big one as a base price for shipping and it will be somewhere around there to ship including boxes to fit and then packing supplies tape etc etc and time

Yeah the shipping kills any ability to make a profit on making cases, imo. It’s usually $10 to $20 to ship a case depending on weight.

They’re also generally sorta big and awkward so you either have to find big boxes or make a shipping box yourself. :confused:

Unless you want to pay a fee to ship without any box.

I think you’re better off trying to bring them to contests and sell them directly to the people there. A bunch of people will be trading yo-yos, so just blend in and sell your cases. Make a few, and I bet you’ll sell them all. Especially, if you post on the forum about what you plan to do at that particular contest. People can be ready.

When shipping things, if it is very heavy or very large that’s when you usually encounter extravagent shipping prices

I made a coffin yoyo case out of wood it has a hande and lock on it how much should it go up for

I have to agree with Jason and Totalartist in that the shipping kills your profit potential. I have spent a lot of time building the cases I use, and no matter what level of pricing I was able to procure all the parts for, I was never able to find a price that was profitable once you factored in shipping. I have made all sizes of cases, and found the shipping was all about the same ($9.00 - $15.00). Selling them at YoYo meets is you best option.

Here is a photo of the case type I was producing. I’m was able to find the empty cases from a poker supply company on the web. They should run you around $15.00 to $20.00 depending on the size. For the small cases that hold 12 YoYo’s, I was just buying pistol cases. They are the best all around because they are built better, & come with a lock.