Buying/Making Your Own YoYo Case?

Anyone ever bought their own Yoyo case? Where from?

If not how did you make it? Where did you buy the supplies?

Yoyosam has some awesome 12 yoyo cases. They are soft. I have 4 of them. I also have made a few cases before. It’s not too fun but you can end up with a cool case.

Anyone have any ideas where to get the actual case? I would really like to try and get one of those metal ones like the ones poker chips come in now, something heavy duty that I can feel safe if it drops.

I’m unsure about buying just a straight up poker case, I will if I have to for a last resort but I want to try and just by the case… The foam will be at a craft store, I can find that no problem.

Any ideas? I’ve tried a local Zellers but could only find a Poker Case that had no price.

I use a mixture of 2 guides:


I liked the second vid a lot more, that’s more of what I want to do instead of the messenger bag one.

You can buy a 24 Star case at YYG*Y.Com the are Gloss Black and Heavy Duty. BTW if can’t figure out what I wrote PM me.

you can get a nice one from yomega or you can also check my vids on youtube. check my chanell theyoyomaster12. watch the vid of how to make a yoyo case part 1 and 2