Yo-Yo case


So, what do you use for a case? I am trying to make one but i dont have that many ideas, please post some pics of them or ideas… i have some foam…


I’ve yet to make my own case, but here are a couple of threads that you can give you an idea for what to do:


(Chris Allen) #3

Anything can be a Yo-Yo Case. My buddy made one from a “Venom” energy drink can. Pick an object, add foam, cut circles in foam, enjoy.
You can get foam at Walmart, Joanns, or Michaels.
Cut the circles by getting a small Tomato can from the grocery store, and cutting the top off. Push and rotate it into the foam and Voa la! Yo-Yo Case!


before i got a real case i used my old game boy case without any foam and it was perfect, now i use a yomega 24 yoyo case and i love it


If you are looking for a case, check out yoyonation.com.

(VincentD) #6

Yoyoguy starcases are nice.


I found this small little briefcase kinda thing in my closet. I saw it was empty, so I threw my yoyo stuff in there. It works nice, but I just need foam so the yoyos dont roll around.


Haha this is what I used for awhile.