New case (with pictures!)


So, I put together a case for myself over the last weekend. Here are some pictures. ;D



Inside: The “foam” is made out of a couple sponges cut with a pair of scissors. It looks worse when there aren’t yo-yos in it, but it works just fine.

Bottom of the Inside:

Top of the Inside:

A little accessories’ case I made out of a little soda can: The side not pictured looks worse and I’m hoping to make a better one eventually.

Accessories’ case opened:

And it didn’t cost me a thing. :slight_smile:


Awsome case!

(Raphael) #3

I really liked the mini-soda can, Really creative.
Good case :slight_smile:


What is the case?

(Jesse) #5

Let’s see, Lyn Fury, Dark Magic, Superstar, and Legacy?


It’s not a Superstar, it’s a Skyline
just to point it out :wink:


It’s a pencil box I bought a few years back at my local office supply store (Staples, to be specific). I believe it costed about $10 at the time. It’s small, but it works great for what I need right now.

And thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


Great Case!
I love the accessories container!


No penguins? :smiley:


Cool! I might try making individual yo-yo holders out of soda cans.

What do you mean “Little soda can?”


It’s literally little.
It originally held candy.

(_|@<06) #12

whats the letter opener for?


I believe it’s a string cutter.


Yeah, I use it to cut strings and pick out axle knots.


Very nice Kim. I’m actually in the middle of making a case of my own =) Well I have the case (it was a case for a camera from my grandparents from like the 1960s or something =P) but I’m cutting the holes for the yoyos right now. =)


Wow, nice case ;D And where’s your Axiom? ;D

lol Too bad i can’t just leave my thin lube and thick lube lying around like that. My thin and thick lube somehow seep through my bottle and make the whole thing sticky. I need to put them in sponge, or wrap it in tissue.

Really nice case. I gotta buy one of those cases soon.

(Ryan) #17

man i love that case…
Nice and is it ok if i copy it???please???


I made a case out of a vaults box too


What is the big red yoyo in kim-lan’s case?

(JonasK) #20