Where do you keep your yoyo collection? post pictures if you can

Not sure if this has been previously discussed, but I am thinking how to store/keep/display my yoyo collection in a better way. Please share your thoughts, ideas or pictures of how you store your yoyos.

This is how I am doing it:


On my wall, or in my case :slight_smile:

The wall display is from Michael’s…they’re currently out of stock, but they do get them in. If you can catch them during one of their online 40% off site wide sales, you can get them for as cheap as $8 each.
These weren’t my idea…a ton of people have been using these crates for yo displays for years now.



mine we on top of a ln old night stand but need to move to the walls


Looks nice! I will take a look at Michael’s. Actually the box I am using to store my yoyos is from Michael’s too.


Yes, I want to move it to the wall too.

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Someone showed me peg board with tension string seemed like a cool setup

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Cardboard boxes, shadow boxes, every room, drawer, flat spot in my condo, tool box at work…workspace at work…car, truck…
Let this be a warning to you all about the repercussions of indiscriminate yo-yo collecting for 20+ years!


first post. My missus made this for me after my collection grew over 6 yoyos.


Fabrikor from IKEA


Quick snap shots


Nice! I am just wondering how to convince wife and daughter to get a piece of furniture only for my yo-yos


Try leaving them everywhere until they get tired of finding them in odd places :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

J/k but really, I bought a devoted case for them when my collection grew to the point where that started to become an issue.

I use these washi holders from Michaels. They’re cheap, hold ~60 full-sized throws, stack, and are relatively compact. Only downside is that they’re not great for displaying throws. Mine have flat bottoms; I think there are also ones with rounded bottoms but idk that for a fact.


If you can find a way for yo-yoing to PAY for said furniture, it becomes a much easier sell.



I like the first picture (wall mounted) — where did you get it?

That might work!

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I got them fom YoyoExpert.

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I use a combination of cases. In front is a custom cigar box case I made. I actually bought too many boxes and will eventually get to making more of these and selling them off for cheap in the near future.

Behind the cigar box are my wall displays. I haven’t figured out where to put these displays in the new house yet thus they are strewn about the spare bedroom.

Behind the displays are silver aluminum cases which I bought from Brett (ibanezcollector?) who used to paint yoyos and film tricks in high speed.

Then finally in the back are where most of the yoyos are kept which are really handy red storage boxes with configurable dividers. I’ve found this combination works well for me as I can rotate yoyos between:

  1. Currently throwing: cigar box on desk or bookshelf
  2. Display on wall: Black glass wall mount cases
  3. Storing for now: Either the Red or almunium cases

For easy organization I sort and label the storage cases by brand. Yoyo boxes are stored in an equally large volume of shoeboxes.


It has to be difficult to find a certain yoyo in such a big collection! Very organized anyways haha


Sometimes yes! In all honesty, my goal is to sell off a decent chunk of the collection. If I could get to 50% I’d be much happier, but I keep buying yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue: