Hard or soft case?

Hi guys
I’m gonna get a new case and I don’t know if I should get a hard or soft case. This case is gonna be used as my yoyo case and my travel case, so imma be taking it to contests as well.

As long as it’s well padded, shouldn’t matter too much.


Ya but what do you guys like/recommend more? :slight_smile:

I prefer soft because I can smash it into a backpack.

I prefer hard cases. However, most of the soft cases they are selling are pretty good. I just happen to like the look of hard cases. Call it due to my years of being on the road on tours.

Play it safe. Get a soft case and keep it in a hard case and just in case, you might want to put them into a soft case, more comfortable, case in point, and then since it will be a hastle to put the yoyo in the inner case, carry it in your pocket just in case you want to grab it quickly. ::slight_smile: Hmm… I must be getting tired. :smiley:

You like hard cases even for carrying around yoyos and traveling?

Hard cases only for me. Traveling can get rough for yoyo cases and I have allways used hard ones made out of poker chip cases. I just measured the insides and orderd the foam and made it myself.

I have taken them from one side of the country to the other. Seattle for PNWR last year, Massachussetts, Chicago and Florida just a little while ago.

No, you’re getting lazy.

First, you get an ATA-approved wood case made of 5/8" wood with steel corners and edges, key lock, and handles on the top and front and back. The bottom has wheels. Inside this case, it is line with dense foam 3/4" thick. Inside this case you place a plastic case that the ATA case is fitted to. This case also has two key locks. Inside this you can place multiple soft cases in the various compartment inside the plastic case.

What about just walking around the beach or walking around a contest. Doesn’t hard get heavy and uncomfortable?

The YoYoExpert Contest bags would do the job just fine. Unless you are going to check it in as baggage or going hiking, a hard case is not really needed, in my opinion. It adds needless weight.

I made a case out of a Nike box. Just added pick foam.
Anyways, I think the case hard or soft depends on how many yoyos you are going to carry in one case. Maybe a few yoyos you would go with soft or many yoyos you will go with hard. I currently don’t have an actual manufactured case for yoyos so I cannot give you an example really. But for my pistols I like hard cases with Carry handles and for my rifles i like soft cases with shoulder straps. Maybe I like small hard cases because it doesn’t feel like a purse when I carry it ( or murse for men?). Sorry didn’t mean to talk about firearms.