Premium 2-yoyo cases?

Where can I find a 2-yoyo case like the one that came with the Edge Beyond pre-order?

Probably just the BST for now. I believe YYF is planning to use them for promotions rather than sell them individually. We do have the 6 yo-yo hard cases available though, same material just a little larger:

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I could use a small, robust case that holds just 2 yoyos for travel. Oh well. I’ll just have to improvise something.

I have both the 2-yoyo and 6-yoyo YYF Hardcase, and I think they’re both great. Whenever I travel for more than a day, I bring the 6-yoyo case. It’s smaller than it looks in pictures, and easily fits in a small duffel bag or carry on bag. It also has more storage for extra string, etc.

No, you need to travel with more yo-yos my man!


I hear ya.

The thing is, when I travel to visit my mother, I pack very lightly. Only room for a 2-yoyo case, I’m afraid. But I have found solutions!

I don’t know if YYE still sells them, but they used to have a two yoyo zip up case. Had Velcro that you could strap it to a bag. Individual pockets for each yoyo. I bought one years ago, really love it. Goes on every trip I take.


I just use a travel toiletry bag with a seat cushion cut to size to hold a couple throws. Comes with perfect compartments for extra strings and other neccesary tools.

Working on re-making them! :blush: