How do you carry around your yoyo?

Do you have a special way to transport it from place to place? please post a picture and explain.
I’ll start…

Basically, i loop my yoyo twice in my lanyard, and use a metal nut as a slider to keep it in place. Then i loop that around my belt, loop it again over the yoyo, under the belt and into my pocket where my keys are attached a the end. ;D

I just stuff it in my pockets 8)

This might come as a major shock, but I have pockets in my pants. I have a case for several yoyos.

like they said. i just shove it in my pocket. If you want to know, it is my right pocket.

i feel like it clutters up my pockets so i dont like to do that. plus i have my keys on a lanyard anyways, so might as well use it for something. :-
i guess i just like to be a little more creative than that…

I carry around with my yoyo when I put them in my pocket! Its quite simple.

Umm… Tied to my hand?

Pocket! I used to have this little pull tie clip thing that I kept on my backpack… but it broke

Thats basically what im doing with my lanyard, except around the belt.

Jam them in whatever bag I have that day. Pool bag, school bag, and for yoyoclub I put them in a sports bag thing. I used to put it in a case that I made but I don’t think that it’s needed.

Same here.

The pocket of my Jacket.

Tucked behind the ear of course.

Wii Remote strap :stuck_out_tongue:

xD haha nice

A pocket for me. It’s all you need.

Pocket. For freestyles, when I need to switch yo-yos, I keep one in a yo-yo leash holder thingy. It’s a caribiner clipped to by belt loop with string and the yo-yo on the string.

Really simple.

bloop :]

I have a really long beard , like zztop so i tie it to my beard sometimes.

other days I clip them to my ears and wear my Yo as an earing