Keeping your yoyo in your pocket?

Do you guys keep your yoyo in your pocket? My dm2 (only yoyo) is normaly kept in my pocket but idk if i should with my new CODE2. The dark magic is SUPER beat up but this is mostly from spiking it into the ground before i learned how long my string was :stuck_out_tongue: What do you do?

Throughout the day I typically have a yoyo in a holster (props to Legyoyo; great holster!) hanging from a beltloop.

When I’m walking somewhere, I tuck it (still on its holster) into a pocket because I don’t like it swinging every which way. Then when I arrive wherever I’m going, I take it back out.

Most of the yoyos I like to carry around are far too big to just be in a pocket all day. I don’t care about scratches and so forth, it’s just uncomfortable. I tried the “pocket throw” thing, and it didn’t really work for me (though I’m still glad I got the Token, it’s a fun yoyo!) because I just like using a variety of yoyos.

So yeah… I don’t keep one in my pocket all day because they’re too big. But I still use my pockets to manage the yoyo.

I own a toxic holder, super strong since the are made with 550 paracord and a big beefy caribiner I have no fear in it ever breaking on me.

I sometimes keep a yo-yo in my coat pocket, only a Dingo or Cafe Racer, while I’m at work. But, most times, with an average size yo-yo, I use one of these YoyoExpert leather holders.


Do the holders keep your yoyo safer or are the just more comfortable? For whatever reason i dont really mind holding my DM2 in my pocket and i dont see myself getting one much bigger than that.

Any recommendation on what holder to buy then?

If you’re fine with it in your pocket, there’s no problem to solve!

It’s more comfortable to me because the yoyos (even smaller than the DM2) are uncomfortable to me while sitting. I don’t wear skinny jeans or anything, but maybe they’re still a more fitted style than you wear. :wink:

A holder is pretty much a holder, but I’ve been liking the “Omikron” style holster I got from Legyoyo:,52594.0.html

He didn’t make the Epsilon style when I got it, but that’d be a good choice for me, too. The other ones looked like they would dangle too low for my personal tastes.

Well a hanging holder is a little less about “safety” and more about blending “convenience” with a “look,” or style. That is the best way to put it. A yo-yo in a holder should not be your prized throw. The ones that cover the entire yo-yo are indeed safer, but you might sacrifice the look and convenience, which is the best way I can put it. You can cover a yo-yo and then put it in a holder if you want more safety. Every holder has it’s pros and cons and if you find one that suits your purpose and look, it’s like magic. For some, the pocket works just fine, and sometimes does the trick for me too. I just use a smaller yo-yo in that instance. If you don’t mind a DM2 in your pocket…stick with it if you plan to carry the Code2.

Oh, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, buy mine…it’s leather, metal, nickel, brass, all quality stuff, Andre Boulay wears it, and you should too, anything happens to it, I’m here to fix it for a lifetime, so you will never need another. I do “custom” work, any length you want. But, the ones in the store are the length Andre wears. The plug just ended…but a link is in my signature for your convenience.

I wouldn’t be worried I carry around n Cliff and Majesty all the time an they are still both in great condition

I just throw one in pocket. Sometimes I use a holder I made out of a velcro watch band and a carabiner, but rarely.

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I would get a holster. If you want a nice classy looking holster, brian figuora is making cool leather ones called unknown.Theyre at some other silly guy’s yoyo store and look pretty awesome. But there are cheaper options for holsters.

Please don’t post other online stores. It’s not polite.

i’m not sure i understand the original question… are you considering NOT keeping a yo-yo in your pocket because it might be hazardous to the yo-yo? if so, that’s the first time i ever heard that.

i usually keep a fixed axle in my pocket and a spyy on a simple little paracord holster a friend of mine made. i’ve never encountered a powerful enough assault/calamity to negatively impact the way a yo-yo played while attached to my person, but i suppose it’s possible. that said, i have no qualms about beating the bajeezus out of my yo-yo’s, so most of them are pretty scuffy regardless.

dont talk about other stores it not nice to the person who trying to run a bussiness.

The only type of holster I use :smiley: quality, well worth the price, fashionable too. Haha :slight_smile:

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Never in the pocket. Mostly in a bag and sometimes on a holder. But that’s just me. :wink:

I like to walk around with a yoyo in my pocket. Pretending I’m an undercover yoyo superhero. An unsuspecting burglar would never expect the chewing tobacco can shaped circle in my pocket to actually be a deadly, crime fighting weapon.

Sometimes i throw keys in the same pocket without thinking, they might scratch it up, but really thats an easy fix… other pocket lol

I have two front shirt pockets, that’s where the yoyos go. I always get dings with a belt loop holder. Anyone else get seatbelt dings from these?

Nothing permanent yet, but I often get a loud “Diiiing” sound when I sit down, if I’ve forgotten to tuck it into a pocket.

I got a hair rubber band (the kind some women put in their hair) and a little clip (I do not know what it is called) and that is my holster:P

Rarely goes into my pocket unless I’m wearing cargo pants and even then I generally prefer to have it on a holster. I use the Werrd Watchamacallit (however that’s spelt) or for the yoyos with slightly less open profiles, a holster I made myself out of some cord, a drawstring clip and a carabiner (pictured below).