I can't seem to put my favorite throw in my pocket .

I have a few yoyos that will probity never make it into my pocket. I use them at home, over carpet, take them out to yoyo club and even let others try . But no way, no how are the ever gonna get thrown over black top or rub up against my keys in my pocket. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out , by not using my favorites 24/7 .  
     Anyone else feel this way about a yoyo ?

So… You why do you need to put them in your pockets?

*oh I see. The first time I read it I thought you meant your yoyos not being in your pocket was what you were missing out on. Not them being with you. Never mind, lol

Oh, and I think I know your solution :wink:

Wear cargo pants or get a holster.

Problem solved.

Yoyo community has an awesome leather holster that they sell in small runs. I just got one and I love it.

On the other note about not throwing Yoyos over anything but carpet. I say just throw them. They are toys and are made for having fun. I don’t buy buy Yoyos as an investment. I buy the for fun and so I throw them whenever I can.

Just my $0.02

I have a holster I use , but It doesn’t protect my yoyo that well . It’s always clanking into things.

As far as an investment , I do look at it this way , but I have no plans of ever selling my favorites . I guess you could say I’m investing in my own happiness. It would just break my heart to put a scratch or a ding in something this beautiful. http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5664/ufp1.jpg

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It’s not about the price of the yoyo , I scratch and ding high ends all day long.

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I love having a holster, I’m usually pretty careful and while my yoyo has dinged into things and had me holding my breath when I checked it I realised that Anno on my yoyo is harder than most of the things it’s going to hit, so as long as it’s only a light knock it’s usually fine.

That said, my Ricochet pretty much never leaves the house, and never gets played anywhere but over carpet, at $200, my only Ti, and most importantly part of a limited run (hence making replacement difficult) I’m very precious of it.

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Here is a picture of the holster I was talking about. Also the paracord holsters can be had for cheep and they work pretty well at keeping the yoyo close without banging to much.

^ that’s a good looking holster , I think I’m gonna have to pick one up. I still won’t put my favorite in , but at least when I get into my car , I won’t end up sitting on a yoyo. very uncomfortable by the way.

I make the paracord holsters. They are great for attaching to bags and such. The are okay for keeping a yoyo on you, but they swing around and bump into things. I only bought this holster cause my wife complained about the yoyo hanging from the paracord. I am really glad I listened to her this time.

I’d say you’re cool except for the fact that upon your information I went over there and bought one of those things this morning. Now I’m experiencing the guilt Snafu talked about in that other thread.

Oh the remorse and contrition.

Still in all, that was kinda skirting the line a bit.

Not here to start an argument but honestly I don’t see why people make such a big deal on having their yoyos mint.it will never happen if you use regularly or use it 24/7 it just won’t.
People on b/s/t sell their yoyos mint.they are mint because they don’t get used often.since they don’t get used often they get bored having it and then want to sell it.Personally I think that if you really care about having your yoyos mint you are not getting your full enjoyment out of what you paid for.
Example:getting new shoes, they will eventually get dirty,ripped,or stained.they will not stay the same as when you first got them.
It’s just how it works.