Where do you store your yoyo?

I was wondering, where does everybody put their yoyos when their not throwing? Im realizing my pocket isn’t the best place for a high performance yoyo, with all the dirt/lint in there.

In my pocket. Though I am looking for another place.

I did see a holster thing, this guy had back in the late 90s for his yomega.

I keep one in my pocket at most times when Im out of the house (excluding work, I dont have a chance to throw at work so I just dont take one.) which has been the Genesis lately. I usualy keep two or three that I throw often, including the genesis when Im home, on a shelf in the living room, where I can get them easily when ever I want to throw. The rest are in my case in my bedroom.



yeah…i’ve got a high end metal as well.

i usually just kick it along as i walk down the street…



Mine like to just hang around where ever I put them down. So many live on my desk or night table, and a couple are normally lurking in my purse and backpack.

pocket, shelve (at home), yoyo case

Shelf and in drawer at home.

yeah pockets suck. holster maybe? but. people arent really open to that…popstar sits in pockets well tho! ;D

On some random marble table in my room, backpack, and pocket are some common places. But you can see them all over my house in random places. lol

The only problem I’ve ever had keeping a yoyo in my pocket was I once got pulled to the side of the hall by a teacher who wanted to take my chewing tobbacco… He was quite surprised.

I got a foam cut to fit 6 yoyo on mw daily bag, that can also carry laptop, and many other things.
also a holster.

and i got a yoyo case at home, fit 36 with many filler.

I had a case until my ex-cat peed on it :’(
Now they’re mainly stored in my “yo-yo drawer” or whatever flat surface is near when I stopped yoing

My pocket, my case, headboard, t.v. stand, dresser, stereo stand, floor, under the bed, in the kitchen, on the desk in the living room… Did I miss anywhere?

I can pretty much look anywhere in my home and find one.

In a place where my parents cant find them :wink:

My room is a mess, so the yoyos are where you cant see them from the door, and my parents are to big to get to them!!! (my desk)

Yeah, referigerator?
i store my yoyo on the frezzer once, thought it would be cool to play with cold yoyo. And i got a broken bearng.

Well, I DID put one in the fridge, but I was thirsty for a Monster so I took the yo-yo off of my finger and forgot about it. 15 minutes later I came back and it was chilled to perfection, so I played with it. Another place I’ve had one is in my shoe. No one will go near my shoes, so it’s a plus. XD

I just keep it in my Backpack and drawers in my house