In which pocket do you keep your yoyo?


Apologies if this thread already exists, but I’m curious. I’m right handed and if I’m not using a holster I keep my throw in my right pocket and my iPhone in my left pocket. Are you right or left handed and where do you keep your throw?


right pocket all day everyday ;D … except school :smiley:


I keep a yoyo in each of my back pockets. It doesn’t get in my way standing up, and elevates me when sitting down. I highly suggest you try it.

(Owen) #4

Generally my coat/ jacket pocket, because my jeans are tighter and the yoyo looks questionable shootin out of my pocket.


Left pocket. Always.


yeah I wear straight jeans so unless I have to I keep my throw in my jacket pocket


Right, always. Start with the rightmost loop, go clockwise for holsters.


My pants are too tight to carry a yo-yo in my pocket, but I never go anywhere without my handy Czech Army Bread Bag:

(Don’t call it a purse.)

I carry one, or two, or three yo-yos in it along with my wallet, phone, iPod and a book.


If I have my popstar right pocket. Other than that I have a little zipper pocket all my jackets and my backpack


The MP3 pocket in my backpack. It’s padded, perfect size, and it even has a strap to keep it in there tightly


Front left


Right pocket or shirt pocket!

(NotATyrant) #13

Left pocket or right sweatshirt pocket


Cargo pocket.


Right pocket, unless I’m wearing a big flannel, than you gotta hit it with the left shirt pocket.

Unrelated: Slacks are heaven to wear.


Left pocket. My knife takes up the other one.



My pants are far too tight most of the time to fit a yoyo in my pocket. lmao. And when I do wear cargo shorts, I have this paranoia that an evil lint ball will infiltrate my bearing >.<"


Right side aka my Throwhand side.


If you put your full weight on it it can bend… And create vibe…


But Joeybob, there’s nothing wrong with a little vibe. And the tradeoff of seated-position elevation is worth it!

As for me, on a holster AND in my right front pocket at the same time. The holster keeps it in the top half of the pocket so that my phone or wallet can live in the bottom half. Efficient use of available space. :wink: