What's your current pocket throw?


Whether it’s an Imperial or a Ricochet, what do you have right now?


I carry full sized throws in moy pocket, and rotate through my collection. Today is the Attune.

I have a Dingl, St. Eel, and Mighty Flea though as undersized.


Cafe racer.


My Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2 slides down into my pocket pretty nice. Most times however I carry a full size throw in a holder on my belt.

(I’ve got to pick up one of Legyoyo’s holsters here sometime.)


How’s the mighty flea


frustrating but fun. i can barely do anything, but even just a trapeze and a bind is fun with that.


Token. So awesome. :slight_smile:





I have a few gnarwhal, two ministars, & yyf one small bearing thin thin string.




ldo you sell gnarwhals?


My OUT fixie. Great throw.




I have a C3 Token. It is great. The only other one I think I will get will be a G-Funk. Can’t wait for that one.


micro mo it is great as a pocket throw when I can’t/ don’t want to have a bigger throw in my pocket


OD Dietz!


CLYW Chief. I wear loose pants.


not for serious play. Maybe to show off. And maybe to land a cool trick. But it’s not really for long spin times, or long combos.

^.^ Excitement! Glad you’re interested.