Pocket Throws


I’ve been yo yoing for a few months and I’ve been really interested in Pocket throws like the Dingo, and token(only ones i’ve seen so far). Which pocket yoyo’s would you guys suggest i should get? I really want to make my tricks more precise with a smaller sized yoyo but im not sure which is better. I dont really have a budget so please name off a few that you guys consider the best ^^;


Let me just say that I don’t like the PopStar, bt at $25, it might be a great pocket yoyo for you, so do try it out.

The C3 Token is one of my favorites. Wing shaped, good weight and balance, but like with other small yoyos, spin times are reduced due to lack of weight. OK, so you do shorter combos. The wing-shape gives you a very generous catch zone for it’s size, perhaps the best in this category.

The One Drop Dingo is small and not very wide, very much more H-shaped, so it will really require you increase your accuracy, yet is still plays very well.

I really dig the XCon pro, but instead of being more pocket sized, it is pocket friendly being an undersized. Being a bit larger might be appealing to you.

Another option might be the Aoda Littles, one of the few micro-sized that uses a full sized string. It’s like they just took something and hit it with the shrink ray. Definately a fun and cheap metal to have around. I love mine.

I think the Mighty Flea is a bit too much. About the size of a quarter, it’s dense and plays a bit heavy for it’s size, but it’s a good playing yoyo believe it or not. The only real drawback is that it requires special strings that are both shorter and thinner than regular strings. It’s hard to throw but you can get it down. Once you master this yoyo, well, you’re gonna be really darn accurate. This yoyo is currently too difficult for me to handle.

If I had to just grab one and go, I’d probably go for the Token and then the Aoda Littles.


I haven’t played this yo-yo before, but have you ever considered the MicroMo by yoyojam? I haven’t heard much of it either but it seems interesting, if you do choose to get it tell me how it plays. :wink:


I would say the ILYY St Eel.


I haven’t played with ALL the throws Studio mentioned, but as far as the Token, Littles, and the Popstar and concerned, he hit the nail on the head. I’d trust his judgement. :wink:

The St. Eeel and the Campfire are also supposed to be some of the best, but I haven’t thrown those either. >.<’ Hopefully soon!


Seconded, if you have the budget for one.


I’m a really big fan of the M1 (flow groove), if you can find one.


YYJ Micro Mo is great. Just throwing it out there for your considration


i have a c3 token and its really good. decent spin times and an awesome player.


Dingo is AMAZING


First: this thread is going to get moved soon.

Second: I have no idea how this yoyo plays but it looks fun:


The ILYY St. Eel is a great pocket throw. I would get one if your budget allows it. I never leave the house without it.


I love my Token, but I don’t find it incredibly pocketable. It’s fairly “cubey” in dimensions. Great player, but the trade-off is that it approaches conventional “undersized” dimensions.

The Popstar plays… less great… but feels truly pocketable.

I’m keen on getting a Mighty Flea when they come out in July. :smiley:


I have Played the Mini-Motu.

Fantastic throw.

Also tried the Popstar.

Not a huge fan.


Or u could buy my 2010 flea :stuck_out_tongue:


Youoofficer fit is a good choice or a token.


I don’t actually own any pocket throws, but a close friend has a bunch and really loves them. I try a lot of what he has and I will say this:
The popstar is fun, spins well for such a small yoyo, and is good all around. The st. Eel is like a good metal, but smaller and not very good for grinds. The campfire (only played it for a short time) is an amazing yoyo that just happens to be small. The micro mo might just be my favorite mini. It is smooth and stable by retains that mini feel (super fun and challenging)


The St. Eel is a great throw, and if you have the budget, get one. I have a Popstar on my BST (sorry for the shameless self-plug), and it is a great little throw, although it does feel a bit dense. I do have to say, the best pocket throw I’ve ever used and had the pleasure to own is the General Yo Minstar.

I can’t believe no one has said anything about it yet! It grinds like no other, it’s as stable as a pocket throw gets, has a nice amount of rim weight, has a comfortable shape, and feels so luxurious. In addition, the bearing General Yo used in the Ministar (Not an AIGR, but I don’t know what it is. They only used it on the Ministar as far as I know.) is the best I’ve ever used, and the pads are very nice. If you manage to find one, do not hesitate to buy. The only downside is is that I’m a bit hesitant to carry it in my pocket and risk wearing away at the beautiful finish! :slight_smile:


I enjoy my modded proyo ace


G-funk, a lil bigger though.