Looking for a good pocket-sized yoyo


Hi everyone PLEASE HELP ME!!! I want a good pocket-sized yoyo that I can take around with me that will help increase the accuracy of my tricks, but also spins for a long time, is fun, stable and can handle a few string wraps. At the moment I’m looking at the String Theory Singularity, Popstar, Mighty Flea (and Big Deal but they are both hard to find) and the Onedrop Dingo. Also are there any other good pocket-sized yoyos that I should consider buying first? And also (more importantly) WHICH WOULD YOU BUY? (I can’t buy anything on BST by the way.)


I just bought a mighty flea. Still waiting for it. Should have it next monday. I bought in B/S/T. I’m told there will be a new production run of these, so if you can wait, you should be able to get one soon.


Ummm… yyf g-funk, clyw campfire, general yo minister, I think mighty flea is too small, I like the g funk, tried it but didn’t buy it. Never tried a djngo, but seems good.


I like the C3 Token. The Aoda Littles is super small, but uses a full size string.

I personally don’t care for the Popstar. The Mighty Flea is too difficult for me to use, but I look at it as an objective.

The Dingo is nice, but kind of narrow so it definitely makes you work on that accuracy.


One Drop Yelets is pocket sized and makes you more accurate even, but still focuses on playability.


Look at the Ministar by General Yo. It’s probably my favorite yoyo I’ve ever thrown. It has the General Yo quality, a great blast (meaning epic grinds) and is extremely smooth. It has a great amount of rim weight for a pocket throw, and I love the response.

The ILYY St. Eel is a great little yoyo, but the only downside is that grinds aren’t great. It has an interesting feel, being made of steel.

You should also consider the C3 Token. I have one on the way, and it looks like a really good throw for a low price.


I’d vote for the St. Eel. It’s a wonderful yoyo, well playing, unique, and excellent for Pocket ability.

I wouldn’t get the flea, it’s more of a novelty honestly.


I don’t want to spend too much money though. Would buying a Nova be good? Does it fit my criteria?


Based on diameter, it’s not the “very undersized”, but it is an undersized yoyo. Is it pocket-friendly? Depends on your pockets, I guess. I got no problem putting most yoyos in a pocket, but I mostly wear cargo shorts so I got big pockets anyways, so size isn’t really a concern.

I’m not a fan of the *Nova yoyos. They are great, but they just don’t mesh well with my preferences. However, keep in mind that due to it’s size, it’s gonna be able to give you more spin than many of the other previously stated yoyos. This is just a function of size and weight distribution. That might be a major decision maker for you.

One of my preferred “undersized” yoyos tends to be the XCon Pro. But, I’m a big YYJ fan and I like JD’s stuff a lot. But I also like Andre’s stuff too. But, for a good throw on the go, that’s the one I’ll usually find myself reaching for. That or the Lyn Fury. But for those kind of sizes, the dv888(which isn’t a favorite of mine, but one I am glad I have) would work pretty good as well.

The Dingo is very “Flat”, compared to the Token, so the Dingo can get “hidden away” faster. The Aoda Littles is super playable to me, and yet vanishes almost completely. Plus, at under $20(I paid $13 shipped), it’s affordable, and I feel very well made.


If you can find a ministar, get it. I have one, and it’s up there in my top 5 most liked yoyos.


What about the String Theory Singularity? Also, is it a good idea to buy a pocket-sized yoyo to help improve your accuracy of tricks?


I feel the small stuff does help me improve my accuracy.


not pocket sized pocket sized is like popstar or the micro mo


While these two are definitely pocket throws, I feel that they are on the smaller end of pocket throws (of course there’s always the Big Deal and Mighty Flea, but in my opinion, those two are more of a novelty), and while the Yelets may be a tad large for a pocket throw, it still works quite well. The Yelets is really only 4mm larger than the Ministar, which, depending on your point of view, can be a lot, or a little.


I have played the yelets crazyshanky’s yelets in fact and it is almost twice as big as my micro mo.


I have the c3 token and I absolutely love it. At first it can be a little graby on the string but it really turns into a great player after you swap out the bearing


Yes I agree with you but it can fit better in your pocket than many others because its on the smaller end of diameter and width but just not as easy as the micro mo or popstar, which in fact are very fitting of the title, ‘pocket-sized’.