best pocket yoyo

All right, I’m to the point where I need a yoyo in my pocket at all times. My DM is too big for my pocket. I was thinking of getting a lyn fury, but it doesn’t look that much smaller. I was thinking of a mighty flea, but I’m afraid it would be toooo small. The miniMoTu was another I was looking at. What should I choose (I’m in the advanced 2 section, so I’m a little beyond being a beginner now)


Mini MoTu. :wink:

What is your price range?

both of those would be fine. why is there something better?

I was wondering your price range to see if I could recommend a more expensive yoyo.

recommend away my good man!

You want something narrow. M1 is a great pocket yoyo. CLYW are also releasing the Camprfire, which is a reasonably priced narrow yoyo.

I like my Radian Super Light for my pocket.

A speeder might be good.

the hectic is a pretty cool sized yoyo, its perfect for the pocket and on the go.

not too expensive either

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Mini Mo-Trix? It’s like a Mini Mo-Tu, except a smidge bigger and a little narrower. One Drop has the M1, which is small, or you can wait for “The Dingo” which is meant to be a pocket yo-yo.

Bloops, if you don’t mind people knowing you carry a yoyo around. That way you can carry around any yoyo comfortably and not need to adjust to its size, not to mention they’re pretty cheap compared to buying a whole new yoyo.

the dingo but its not out yet

Just get the YYF Fast Yo-Yo Holder and bring your DM anywhere! I have one and its great i can bring any yoyo no matter the size sometimes i have my DM but i switch off with my BULLY its really convenient!

Or use your sweatshirt pocket

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I think I will get the FAST holder, but I still would like to get a little yoyo. After this thread and reading a little more, I’m leaning to the mini-motu

Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket for non-responsive play.

For looping, Custom AXLerator it’s small “flat” in shape, I had one for 8 - 9 years and will own one again sometime.

This. The Hectic is an amazing yoyo on all fronts. I just feel that it gets overshadowed by the Dv888 hype. It definitely fits in the pocket great, but it plays like a beast. It’s my favorite yoyo on the planet. For the price, you can’t go wrong with at least giving one a try. (I like the small bearing version, but if you like large bearings, go for that)

Wedgie if you want one now.
Dingo or Campfire if you want it later on.

The Hectic is amazing, and fits in quite a lot of pockets, even my brother’s tight jeans. I reccomend that, or a campfire so you can catch the CLYW awesomeness and only use CLYWs for the rest of your yoyoing life. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah.

Hectic or Campfire.