Pocket Size yoyos

Hey guys, I was wondering what kind of yoyo i should get to keep in my pocket, right now i usually carry a Dark Magic but I want something smaller, right now Im thinking about the Saint Eel, Mini Star, Mini Motu, and Dingo, whats your opinion? If you have other please say! BTW im starting on the Advanced 1 section right now

I really like M1’s myself, And I’ve heard great things about the Dingo, But I am not a fa of the Mini Motu at all. As for the other ones you listed, I don’t have an opinion seeing as I’ve never throw any of them.

Well as far as pocket yoyos go, the mighty flea might be the ultimate… haha
But I really like my Marmot… and it’s pretty small

I have a Big Deal but i dont like it much for pocket play :smiley: , but thinking, im sure the mini star will be a ton of money, so i might just go with a M1 or Dingo

Yeah I’ve heard good things about the dingo.

Get a Big Yo…
I’m kidding try a Mighty Flea. It looks pretty cool. But really get a YYF Fast Yo-Yo Holder. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/63/YYF-Fast-Yo-Yo-Holder
I bought one and don’t regret it.

I have a Big Deal which is a hubstacked mighty flea, and i dont want a fast holder :smiley:

Dv888 fits fine in my pocket, but that could just be me, the mighty flea and big deal just look way to small, I mean i’m no expert at yoyoing anyways so i feel like it would be a waste for me.

The m1 is discontinued

BSTs man, You can get them for a pretty good price.

I vote for Campfire! Such an awesome yoyo, and you can still find it in some flashy colors.

i like the fhz and dingo

Start wearing cargo pants; every yoyo magically turns into a pocket yoyo.

Dingo, or the Big Deal ; - P

CLYW Campfire.


He has a Big Deal already.

CLYW Campfire.

I borrowed one from a friend, and its amazing! I’m actual going to eventually buy one myself. Its that good. (for a yoyo of its size)

I’d go with a Campfire or an M1. These are small enough to stick in your pocket, but not small enough that they lose any playability. The Dingo and Mighty Flea/Big Deal are all a lot of fun, but they’re not the best for learning tricks on (and don’t perform as well as larger yo-yos for the most part).

Right now, an M1 might be your best bet. They play extremely well, are tiny, and can be found for CHEAP on the b/s/t. It’s easy to find one for between $25 and $35.

Best of luck!

i don’t get this, any yoyo will fit in your pocket.