Pocket Size yoyos

You could also look at the Mini Motrix. It would be helpful to know your price range and preferences though.

I carried my mini motu for a long time. Cool throw. Now I carry my 888 in my jacket and dv888 in my pants pocket. My dv888 looks like it was beaten up, tied to the bumper of a pickup and drug down a gravel road anyway, so I don’t care if some of the anodizing gets screwed up by cloth friction or the odd bit of change, that works itself into the wrong pocket.

yea really a full sized yoyo is like just a bit bigger then a mini not a lot, well except for the mighty flea but that’s insanely small

I really like the Hectic. Its a bit smaller than the Dark Magic and perfoms very well.

i love my m1. great throw at a great price. but the campfire is soooo great. its a little more pricy though