Pocket sized yoyos

I was looking at fun pocket sized yoyos that would play awesome and I could take with me pretty much everywhere. Also, I want one so that there wouldn’t be a huge bulge in my pocket when I was carrying it around. Like 10 kids at my school bought a popstar, and I don’t really want that. So my eyes came across the CLYW Campfire. I know CLYW is known for their reliably awesome yoyos (my gnarwhal and BvM are utter amazingness), and I heard great things about the Campfire. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Campfire?

No idea on the Campfire unfortunately, but as far as pocket throws you should look at OneDrop’s Dingo. It’s considerably awesome and one of the best high end pocket throws possible. Doesn’t pop out of your pockets or anything, at least with me. Sometimes I forget I have mine during work since I tend to carry it with me everywhere now.

you can consider yuuksta or y-factor, they are good too

Thanks, but I mean like actually pocket sized, not just undersized.

how do I know if it is pocket size? because even my hitman can fit to my pocket

No. When he says pocket sized, he means that it’s so small, you can put it in the tightest jeans without anyone and him, noticing.

I don’t think a hitman could do that though.

Campfire would be a really good choice although I don’t know much about it. OD Dingo would be good aswell.

Popstar, but you said you don’t want that, how bout a mighty flea or the big deal?

campfire easily one of my favs ;D

If you’re talking about mini yoyos, I’d go with the Aoda Littles. Only slightly bigger than the Mighty Flea, but with much better performance.

If you’re just talking about small pocket undersized throws, the Campfire is definitely among the best, but it’s a bit too wide to sit comfortably in my pocket. Other suggestions I’d make are the General-Yo Ministar and the YYF Hectic.

Don’t wear tight jeans. Problem solved. The only good mini I’ve played with is the popstar. Dingos sort of flop out of your hand and the campfire is crap.

Why is the campfire crap?

I just didn’t like it. It flopped way too quickly and didn’t seem to start spinning until it was half way down the string. Maybe it’s just me. I might be crazy but I though it smelled like yesterday’s garbage. I seem to be a minority though. I also was no where near a good as I am now so that may have had something to do with it.

Also once broken in the yomega maverick is a pretty sweet throw. It’s cheap, you can beat it and it won’t leave you, you can get ahold of one easily, and it’s super quick. Just make sure you use the wide spacers.

Dude, I am giving examples. Saying that not every yoyo that fits in your pocket is pocket sized.
I can fit a 54 in my pocket and I don’t think 54 is pocket sized.

Warning: BUMP ahead!

Sorry man, I was joking. Even though less tight jeans would make for more pocket space you would probably need braces to keep them up. I’m chunky so I don’t have to really worry about it. I had two loop 900s and an avalanche in my pocket yesterday at work.(yes all in the same pocket)

I also wanted to mention the Carbon. It’s full size but it has a slim profile. have you considered a cheapie like a mosquito or a flying squirrel? They fit well in pockets. Being 6’2 “pocket size” probably has different connotations to me though. Most “large” or over size yoyos are comfortably small in my ogre hands.

Well I, on the other hand am super small, so i mean like a pocket size yoyo that is super small, and competes with the full sizes. This is why I was interested in the campfire.

Well are you a progresing player? Cause if you are good enough and wanting to try out somthing new, get a Mighty Flea. It’ll challenge your skill cause it’ll be harder to land strings. And of course it can do tricks like a full size.