Better 'pocket' yoyo than the CLYW Campfire


i’m looking for a good unresponsive yoyo for 1a that i could keep in my pocket even wearing tight jeans. this would also be my introduction to nicer yoyo’s as i have a DM2 right now. so is the CLYW campfire the best way i can go or is there something better. oh and i don’t like organic shapes so much


Od dingo or M1or the c3 token are all good choices


Monkeyfinger forte is what your looking for my friend
its the best thing that fits in my pockets :slight_smile:


Popstar is pretty nice.

(Owen) #5

Anti-Yo Ywet is so nice. Great for pockets.


I’ve heard many people say that the St.Eel by Ilyy was the best pocket throw they’ve played.


wow so many options, but are any of these better than the Campfire or the M1 (i ask because i can get the campfire for 30 and the m1 for 20 in i think pretty good shape). also i’ve not used (long story but i couldn’t because there was no response in it) but i have kept an alchemy mx in my pocket and it felt unnoticeable and that’s at 36 mm thick

Edit: i want this yoyo to perform really well because it’s possible that i wont get another yoyo for a few years and the only throw i have right now is a DM2


I never leave home without my ILYYSt.Eel. It’s a truly great pocket throw. If you can find one pick it up.


Im gonna have to say the madhouse rad

I personally like the shape better than the campfire and find it to be a bit more stable


Find a Walter.


The M1 is one of my favorite throws. Everything about it seems perfect to me.

Of course, each person likes different qualities in a yoyo, so I wouldn’t expect answers on which yoyo is “better”. Past a certain point in the design and manufacturing, no yoyo is better than any other one. They’re made by different people for different people, so the best way to find one that you like would be to try as many as you can. I will say that you probably won’t go wrong with any of the given choices here. The only one that might give you a problem if you don’t do a good job keeping your hands in-line and level is the Dingo. That thing is pretty much a straight-up highwall to flat rims, and you’ll have to be hitting the gap pretty much perfectly every time to hit tricks. I love my Dingo though :slight_smile:


another point i want to make is that it doesn’t have to be all around small just in width really because i can fit a larger diameter yoyo in my pocket with out too much trouble


Most of these yoyos mentioned fit the bill. For pockets, I find that the best widths are 35mm and under. M1, Campfire, Dingo, Popstar, St.Eel… I think only 1 or 2 of them are wider than 35mm, but they don’t go above 36mm I believe.

Honestly, pick one that you think looks cool and you’ll probably like it.


Yelets or M1


Never tried either but have wanted both an M1 and Campfire for a while but have heard those too are the bet of the best when it comes to pocket throws.


You’re not limited to one pocket yoyo.


eh kinda sorta am i’m 15 and i don’t think my parents will believe in spending 50+ on a yoyo or having multiple yoyo’s really


I recommend a general yo hatrick if you could find one. They’re small, compact, and fast. They also spin forever.


I’m surprised nobody mentioned the sOMEThING Angle XS :frowning:


If it’s narrow that you want I have to second the yelets. It took a little getting used to because it’s so narrow, but it’s a solid player and extremely pocket friendly…