Help me with pocket throws!

I’m looking for a pocket throw and have narrowed my ideas down to the Campfire or the Dingo. Any opinion/ vote will help!

I like camp fire better because it is wider and easier to land a trapeze then the dingo

There both awesome throws. Trust me.

The Dingo is stupidly small.


Defiantly go with the Campfire… if you’re looking for a cheaper yoyo I’d say get the POPstar.

Never tried the campfire but i heard its amazing. I agree with ^
Get the campfire if you have money
If you dont, Popstar is the way to go

you could get the new micro mo from yyj it looks nice but y is it so much more expensive than like the dm2

For a pocket throw I’d go for a campfire. It really just comes down to the width of the yoyo when it comes to choosing a pocket throw.

Is the Campfire small enough that there won’t be an embarrassingly large bulge in my pants when it’s in my pants pocket?

If you don’t want a bulge, buy the dingo, it is saver

I would go with a dingo for a pocket throw

The dingo and campfire have roughly the same width. the campfire is like .08 inches wider but thats really just it.
The campfire is still my choice but, its out of stock. Whereas the dingo is IN stock(:

Yeah, but since on the poll people obviously like the campfire better than the dingo, I’ll probably try to trade for the campfire or something. Also, I emailed caribou lodge and chris said he had a bunch that he had to silicone.

I’ve added a Ministar to my thoughts.

SPYY Flying V is also stupidly awesome. Great pocket yoyo.

Any of your options at the moment are great yoyos, as well.

WHOOOP ministar fosho. :smiley:

Any singularity fans it’s a great pocket sized throw and it’s awesome and you can order it here

I’ve heard that the binds on the singularity are really loose.

I have a Dingo, Campfire, and POPstar. The Dingo and the POPstar are almost the same, while the Campfire is a little bigger, making it a bit easier to land tricks. They are all good throws that I enjoy (though personally I think the Dingo and Campfire are in a higher class than the POPstar) but I’m going to focus on the Dingo. Yes it can take some getting used to and is not very forgiving if you tilt it and the shape makes landing on the string a little more difficult than the other two. But, if you have a little patience to improve yourself (which the Dingo helped me with immensely) it is amazing. The quality is very nice and it has become one of my favorite throws. It’s got some surprising weight to it so you always know where it is, good binds, long spins, feels comfortable, etc. Anyway I think One Drop did an terrific job with it and it is a very fun, yet very functional throw. Worth every bit you might spend.