Campfire or Dingo?

Hey guys, i was wondering what yoyo i can use as a pocket yoyo that i can pop some cool tricks when people ask and keep in my pocket in some AE jeans, and not hurt my leg, campfire and dingo are my choices, whats your opinion??

The campfire looks better to me with flow able silicone.

I’m gonna say Campfire for the main reason that I have never thrown a CLYW that I didn’t want to go out and buy right away. But I’ve never throw either of the two yoyos, So I’m not sure how much my opinion helps.

Campfire. The ano is really smooth a lot smoother than the Dingo, the shape and gap is wider and to me the tricks just flow.

I agree^^^

CAMPFIRE! I have a dingo and I love it! but it can be hard to use at times… But I’ve played with campfires and I’m thinking about trading my 2010 G5 for one…

yes campfires are great players, but so is the dingo but like said above, can be a little more challengin yo, having said that it, fits in the pocket better cos its slimmer… :slight_smile:

the dingo would probably fit better in your pocket but the campfire i think is worth it. it plays a lot better. (hence the reason its a little more expensive) ;D