One Drop Design Dingo Review

Ok so this is my review on the Dingo hope you like it!

So as you have probably seen this yo-yo is tiny! It’s much smaller than the CLYW Campfire! My favorite yo-yos are small ones so obviously when i saw i had $50 and i saw the Dingo it was like a force pulling me toward buying it. So i ordered it from YoYoGuy and of course it comes out on YYE the next day lol. When i got home from school i saw the package and ripped it open. When i saw the box i was wondering if i accidentally ordered the might flea. But of course it was the Dingo. I opened the minuscule box and saw it. Wow. The annodrizing is awesome! So i took it out and put a new string on it. I threw it down and… wow. 5 minutes on my first throw! This yo-yo is so maneuverable! I did one of my combos and i did it perfectly. This thing is amazing! The grinding isn’t so great though. Also it is too tiny to do proper thumb grinds. But over all i give this yo-yo a 8/10. And for that price it is definitely worth it! Here are some pictures of this awesome yo-yo.

Good review

How does the Dingo compare to the Campfire. I have a Dingo but I want a Campfire, because it seems the Campfire doesnt sacrifice as much play for pocketability.

I personally think that the Campfire is better. It has a better feel to it and is much better at grinds. But that is just an opinion from a guy whose dream yo-yo was the Campfire so I think you should ask around for more opinions.