One Drop Dingo Review

I would like to start by saying this is my first Yo-Yo review. I am just getting back into Yo-Yo’ing from an eight year break and it sure has changed. I did hours of research and ended up starting with the One Drop Dingo, for two main reasons: It seemed to get good reviews, with very little bad information and it is a small throw so I can take it with me. I have been trying to relearn all the old tricks I used to know and also pickup some of the new ones. Going through the tutorials on this site sure has made it easy compared to when I started and we had to learn by following picture diagrams. I have only had the Dingo for five days and I believe that I have maybe 5-6 hours of play with it and I am currently in the Advanced section. So far I have had no issues with this throw and really enjoy getting back into the sport.

Diameter: 46.00 mm / 1.81 inches
Width: 32.00 mm / 1.26 inches
Gap Width: 4.30 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 63 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
(One Drop 10 Ball)
Response: Flow Groove Response - Unresponsive


  • It throws very well. I very rarely get a bad toss with it.
  • Great pocket size. It is still very usable but small enough to fit in your pocket. When I first opened the package for the Dingo I was shocked by how small it was. I never thought it would play like it does.
  • Large type bearing
  • Great anodizing - the green color is spectacular
  • Spins much longer than expected
  • Bearing seats very nicely and does not sit loose on the yoyo has a nice “click” sound when you install the bearing
  • With the smaller size it causes you to be more accurate on your throws improving your overall ability.
  • Best priced / performance mini on the market that I could find


  • Tends to loose stability towards the end of its spin time - tilts around its axis
  • Bearing tends to have odd noises, the pitch changes very often
  • Binds tend to slip occasionally - might be more my fault but never noticed it on other Yo-Yo’s
  • When hand starting it tends to vibrate - again this may be my fault since I have not noticed it in play


[1-10 Rating]
Value: 9
Innovation: 8
Quality: 8
Spin Time: 9
Binds: 7
Overall: 8.2

Overall I think this is a great buy. I think you will be hard pressed to find a better mini Yo-Yo in the sub 50 dollar or even sub 70 dollar market that compares. Make sure you understand the size of this Yo-Yo before purchasing and do not expect a full sized throw. Now what are you waiting for go get yours!!!


The variable bearing noise isn’t something I’ve come across… You may have a strange bearing, or perhaps it’s still breaking in. 10 balls take a while. The dingo is one of the best mini throws i’ve come across - much more fun than the motu (which is significantly larger but seems harder to land).

Great review and glad you’re enjoying your throw. I recently got a 1drop y-factor (on the strength of the dingo) and they’re great too (for an undersize). Both 1drops are solid players and vibeless, but somewhat unforgiving if you throw them poorly to start with.

It may also be worth checking if you’re interested in cheap precision metals. They’re unusual but very nicely hand machined.

How do the Foxland Precision yoyos play?

I have a foxtail. It’s a full size metal with a lot of rim weight. It’s very solid on the string and slightly on the heavy side so not for everyone. It is SUPER stable and vibeless, with a very long sleep time. Comes with a thinner D bearing for responsive play, and a wide bearing for unresponsive. It hates a bad throws or transitions though, due to the ridges on the inside of the cup. The surface is smooth, so not grindable. Also unusual, it rings just like a bell if you tap it… my only yo that does that.

For the same price as a dingo it’s an interesting throw. Check their website if you’re interested.

Width: 1.515 in. (39 mm)
Diameter: 2.370 in. (60 mm)
Gap Width: .140 in. (4 mm)
Bearing: 5mm x 11mm x 4mm
Response: Dif-Size Pads
Weight: 67 g
Additional 5 x 11 x 5 (D-size) bearing included

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The dingo is nice, but its not really a main throw, its too small.

I just got one on Monday and I was shocked at the size. You know it’s gonna be small, but when you get it, it’s even smaller. I find it hard now to comfortably hold a genesis.

That was a great review. :slight_smile: