One Drop Dingo Review

So the One Drop Dingo,

First Impressions
Whammm it hits you as soon as you rip this yoyo out of the box, its small, I mean dang its small, its the smallest yoyo I have now, but that definatly doesn’t take anything away from this lil rippa of a yoyo. So on with the review.

The Specs

•Weight: 63 grams
•Width: 32mm
•Diameter: 46mm
•Gap Width: 4.3mm
•Bearing Size: C-Size 10-Ball
•Response: Flow Groove Pads


So, how does it play, well let me tell you that this yoyo being so small means nothing, it stands out like a beast, its soild but agile, its so fast that you can play it at the spead of light and still land all those impressive tricks like a pro. The sound is amazing, there isnt any and I love it I can barely even tell if it is even still spinning until you pop it up into a bind and it snaps back up into your hand at break neck speed. Grinds, well, I haven’t really had a chance to really test them out but from what I have done so far, results look very promosing for all types.

The dingo although very small still packs on the pounds with an impressive 63 grams this little fella is nothing to sneeze at, it plays as well if not even better than my DV888. The shape is definatly more of a conventional shape rather than a butterfly style which is becoming a norm is a lot of yoyo’s around.


The response is a flow groove silicone which is always good im my eyes but like my other throws as soon as the sili is dying im going to fill it back up with some white rtv which will look super specky against the matte black of the dingo, so enough said on that.

The Guts

lets see we have a big “C” type bearing which is tight as in the bearing seat and the same press fit brass nut and axle from the M1 series, why change what is good I say.


Have a look here

and here

and here

So what do you think? Pretty sexy huh?
looks very good with some YYN highlights orange and green are my favorite so far.

Final say

So in closing I strongly suggest to any player who rates themselves highly as a player, that the dingo needs to part of your colection, you can’t go wrong with it, the price is very nice also at a cool $50 you cant afford it not to be part of your favorite throws.

keeping it hardcore, your fellow yoer Maxamillian.


Good review but,

  1. don’t use the word ‘sexy’ to describe a yo-yo. or ‘sexay’. or ‘secksay’. or ‘pure sex’. or ‘smexy’. to do so makes you sound as if you have no real context for the word ‘sexy’.

I would love to get one of these someday!

ok thanks, I will keep that in mind for next time.

Thanks for the review! My orange Dingo is supposed to arrive on Monday and I can’t wait.

I think your use of sexy is just fine and I can’t imagine anybody being confused as to your meaning. English is a living language in that it evolves. Meanings of words change to encompass a wider range of meaning over generations. Just check out a dictionary and definitions added to words if you have any doubts. Take the word “cool” or “sweet”. If you apply that smexy logic to all words, well, I doubt you can. I don’t know what rule list number 55 refers to, but whomever made this rule up needs too loosen up a little bit and get real, because it’s a double standard if they use half of the words in the English language.

Never question Ed’s rules!

why, that yoyo is quite smexy indeed, xD

Ed’s rules? Well, Ed may have a lot of things right, but I think he needs to rethink his logic on this one.

Back on topic. I’ve been able to spend some time with my Dingo and it’s incredible for it’s size. It feel solids on the string which surprised me. It’s spin time are also incredible. I’m officially a fan (for those confused by words with multiple meanings, I don’t mean the device that moves wind) of Onedrop’s 10-ball bearings. I prefer my M1 overall, but the Dingo can’t be beat for a pocket throw.

Agree with much of what you said, I just recently got a Dingo (I literally laughed when I pulled out the box it was in. It’s TINY!!)

Although, I’ve noticed some minor flaws. It easily tilts, thus making string transfers harder to pull off smoothly and maybe it’s just me, but the thumb grinds feel sandy to me (Catch 13’s thumb grinds have spoiled me). Other than that, plays like butter.

wow never really looked at one drop yoyos, your right that is small though, with a big bearing. I like the review a little short but sweet


what is the spin time on one of them?

Spin time depends on the thrower…but they spin a loooong time for the weight. They play great - feel much larger than they are. It I just tested it against the yyj mini motu. 's smaller than a mini motu and 1g lighter, but feels heavier. It spins about 1.5 times as long as the Motu on a good throw, but is slightly less stable towards the end of the trow (likes to tilt or rotate at lower rpm). Unlike the Motu however it does seem to have the energy to get back up the string later in the game.

A dingo is probably not the best yoyo for a limited collection, but if you have a few yoyos they’re a fantastic complement to other throws. Very pocketable and great performance. They are very unresponsive so not such a beginner yoyo.

i got green and with some purple string it looks like the hulk

I tried this guy’s dingo. AMAZING! I don’t have one, but I think I will get one.

Is it compatible with the side effects axle system?

No it isn’t. This was released before Side Effects were.

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That’s quite a necro you have there. Also, solid review

I agree with this reveiw.