one drop dang yoyo reveiw!

Diameter: 55.23 mm / 2.17 inches
Width: 41.19 mm / 1.62 inches
Gap Width: 4.35 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 63 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Flow Groove Pads

Ok! First thing I will say about this yoyo that if just feels right! You hold it, and even if the gap is smaller than a lot of the other yoyos out there, something about it feels good in your hand. With a pretty hard throw, the spin time as a sleeper is about minutes and 8 to a minute and 20. Very nice spin times.
The bearing it comes with feels awesome as you glide across the strings on it, and the finish on it allows for pretty good throw hand grinds and thumb grinds if your accurate. The design on it is amazing, as mine is a gold hue with black splashes. It has a few dings on it but nothing it can’t handle! This yoyo is great for people who want to break away from all the large gaped yoyos and get back to a more comfortable, smaller gap yoyo that looks damn good at rest or at play. Plus, the size of It feels good in hand, not too big.

Cons: The price. It’s up there at 105, but coming from one drop you know your gonna get quality at that price. Other on is that it’s not really good for finger grinds either.

All in all, I give this yoyo a 8/10 and I recommend if as a different, higher priced yoyo. So that’s what I have for now, throw on throwers!

Loved reading this! Thank you for the great review!

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No worries thank you for reading it!

You’re moving up on that price range hmmm LOL

Thanks for noticing. I think I still have to do my equilateral, 888, mighty flea, speed dial, and raptor. I even have an inspire and brave on the way also. I got to get on these reviews XD

I only noticed cause I like reading reviews on yoyo’s and you started where I did haha

I recently got a torque, strix, recrev neuae (not too expensive but nice), CLYW Chief (From a ripoff trade not that I think about it cause it’s sanded down), and most recently a YYC Spectrum( Love it to death)

I have the mystery box stuff but the Regen is kinda off balance for me

If it’s off balanC tell yoyo expert they are usually pretty with helping. And I’m super pumped to do the speed dial review. I LOVE that yoyo and it’s been a top want for a while

Awesome review!
I’ve really been wanting to try the dang and you might have me sold!

Do it! Great throw! I got mine in a rough shape, and it’s still one of my favorite throws!

as far as your regen being “off balance” can you describe it further?
i find that in calm play the regen is fine, but as soon as i pick up speed it throws it off axis

Mine was a break in problem. Like, one pad was working better than the other, causing it to spend on the string. Now It’s a fun plastic I don’t have to worry about hurting. XD