One drop Yelets review.

This is my first review so I am happy to receive constructive criticism.

 The one drop yelets is one of one drop's attempts to make a side effect yoyo for less than $100. Their attempt was, in my mind, successful. This yoyo plays stable and solid, while at the same time feeling light. Well let's get started!
  Specs:(taken from site)
  Diameter: 52mm
  Width: 38mm
  Gap width: 4.25mm
  Bearing: one drop 10 ball
  Response: flow groove pads
 Shape: the shape of this yoyo is unique, especially in the modern yoyo world. It seems that as yoyoing gets more modern, the width of yoyos grows with it. The width of this yoyo is small at 38mm or at least compared to other yoyos at the price point such as the yyf hot.This can also be a good thing to make you a  more accurate yoyoer. The diameter is a sweet spot for me at 52mm but this is just a matter of preferance.
 Weight: The weight on this yoyo may seem light at 63.9g but that is again, a matter of preference. Well, there is not much to say here, so let's move on to play. 

 Play: This yoyo is amazing in general, but it's how it plays that makes a difference. The weight may suggest a floaty, light feeling yoyo, but it plays just the opposite of that. This yoyo plays fast, yet super stable and solid, I myself felt very little float in this yoyo but you might feel otherwise. This yoyo can handle a 20 second combo with ease and still have enough spin time for a flashy bind. It is dead smooth, maybe even more so than my SPYY Addiction but it's hard to tell.

 Packaging: The packaging is fine by me, just a white box with a deer and pine tree and the word yelets on the top left corner of the sticker. 

 Price: I got this yoyo on the yelets deal but I will talk about the actual price point. The price is $85 for the normal version and 100 for a splash design. The price is a little bit expensive even though they call it budget friendly. Although the price is okay the play for the price is just right if not better.

 Altogether this is a very good yoyo and I highly reccomend it, especially for someone who is fond of mid to undersized yoyos and has a good budget. 

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Good review mate!

I was very pleasantly suprised by the Yelets. Considering the (relatively) small diameter, tiny width and light weight, I was expecting it to be rather unstable. However it somehow manages to feel solid and to be plenty stable, which I guess is a testament to Onedrop’s yoyo making prowess. It plays incredibly nippy, and there’s something about it that just makes me want to use it again and again.

Granted, it doesnt have the spin or stability of some of my full sized metals, but for it’s size, it’s got some serious chops.

I’ve been playing mine almost exclusively for the past couple of weeks. It’s sensational.