One Drop Yelets 1st Impressions

Ok so I just got my Yelets in and here are a few intitial impressions:

On my 1st throw I was surprized at how solid and stable it felt. It feels much heavier than the 64 grams that it is. And the stability was VERY good.

It has a great spin quality to it that adds to its stability and smoothness

Smooth, well its a One Drop with SE’s it is VERY smooth.

Very well placed IRG as well!!!

Those are my initial feelings. Enjoy!!!

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Great pics man! I love how stable this thing is too. Super pocket friendly.

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Nice, I’ve been looking for some impressions of this throw.

Would you guys say its a good all around throw? Like a fullsize that just happens to be easier to maneuver through tight spaces?

Or is more like a great playing pocket throw? Like it’s good for its size kind of deal?

Well to me it plays like a regular sized throw. Just a tad more narrow… But with the V shape it it VERY easy to hit the string and all. I love yoyo’s this size. Going back and forth with say a CODE2 or Arctic Circle is no problem at all.

I guess you could say its a pocket throw on steriods!!! HAHA

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Nice concise impressions about this throw. If it feels a bit heavier than it’s weight, it’s right up my alley. It looks great! I concur…very nice photos of your new Yelets. Sweet eye candy. I can’t wait to get one of my own.

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Are these on YYE?

No but they are on their way

I like the box

HAHAHA! Awesome! Really cool review. :slight_smile: You beat me to it… Also awesome color choices! I was just putting up my pics for a first attempt at a review ever. No need to do that now. Well I am just going to post my pictures here if that’s cool?. If it’s not I can move them to my own review. Just thought I would share.
I would just like to say that that the M1 was one of my all time favorite pocket throws. This is like the m1’s super grown up awesome sibling. Great job OneDrop!

WOW man!!! SWEET pics!!! HEHE I like you have them all that colorway (kinda like how I do it) No need to remove the pics and while your at it make that review too!!! It will be nice to see more reviews of this fine throw!!! I love the fact that it comes with the same color SE’s so that you can mix and match them!!! HEHE Great color combo too!!!

I got the same blue/orange color combo. Maybe our yelets are brothers?!

They very well could be brothers…:). I liked how you switched the colors of the side effects around also. That was the first thing i did after I took it out of the box and threw it once.

To just update my initial impressions a bit:

I played this for about 15-20 mins today with AL Domes and the added .5 grams really makes this guy a bit more solid… Those people who like a heavier more solid throw will love it with the domes. I prefer the UL’s myself but just wanted to put that out.