Yelets Just came in the mail review.

Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 61.5 grams
Weight with aluminum Ultra Light Side Effects: 64 grams
Width/Longitude: 38.4997mm
Diameter/Latitude: 52.6147mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.34mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Specs copied from onedropyoyos
Not to heavy and Def… not to light. Plays a lot heavier than it’s weight suggests.
The M1 is one of my all time favorite pocket throws. Because it is small and built like a tank. I never had to worry about keys or pens or anything damaging it. It always played great.
This is like the m1’s super grown up awesome sibling. Great job OneDrop!
I think it’s not just a good pocket throw. But an awesome all around throw. Grinds like a champ. Smooth as butter. Plays fast. Inner rings are cool. Plus you have the option with the side effects to change the weight if you want. Win! Win!
Also this is my first review ever so feedback would be really appreciated!

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nice review, you covered some other things I was curious about. I think I’m going to have to buy one of these.

I’ve had my Yelets for a couple days now. I’ll just piggyback on this review since it already has pics/stats and I just have some impressions to add:

  • Smooth and vibe free, just like any other side effects throw I have.

  • Really good with grinds, better than my other pyramatte finished throws. I can control the grind and do stalls much better than with other throws, maybe because of the width?

  • I love the 52.6mm diameter. Less bulky than a full size, but not so tiny as an undersized. Plenty of spin from an average throw. I don’t feel like I have to throw extra hard to get long lasting sleep time like with other undersized throws. It feels great in the hand too. I’m definitely looking for more throws at this size.

  • I really like the 38mm width as well. So many throws are getting wider and wider, it can get difficult to move the yoyo through tricks with tight spaces or hit just one string segment without catching nearby string segments. The Yelets’ diameter/width just makes it super maneuverable for string tricks. That’s the stand out thing for me with this throw: maneuverability through tight spaces, while still playing like a fullsize.

  • For me, the weight with the included ultra light side effects is perfect. Not so light that I wish it had a little more pull on the string, but also not so heavy as to feel sluggish. It’s like they nailed the perfect in between weight.

  • I’d say this is a great throw for anyone that likes to do lots of technical/complicated string tricks, the Yelets is all about maneuverability and long spin.

  • I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or people that like to play sloppy. I’ve noticed the decreased width compared to most yoyos has forced me to pay more attention to landing it on the string.

  • I’m really liking this throw with a centering bearing (twisted trifecta). On some yoyos, using a centering bearing is just my preference, but on the Yelets it just seems to work really well.

Obviously I’m really liking my Yelets, I hope to see more throws in this mid-range zone between full-size and undersized.

I finally found someon els who appreciates blue and orange one drops. I also have a blue and orange m1, and at one point had a p2 in the same colors

Love that bape! just got mine in the morning, Clear Brown bape, I gotta say its pretty haha!

Sorry for the double post, my YYE app did it.

Actually, that color scheme is like a YWET. The Bape colorway is half-blue, half-green. :slight_smile: Both look nice though!

Oh around here we just call any half and half a bape, does not matter what color :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? Cool!