Onedrop Vanguard: First Impressions

This thing is butter smooth! I don’t know if I got an exceptional copy or what, but it’s an absolute joy to throw. It’s seriously one of my smoothest throws. Lots of rim weight, medium slow pace, and plenty of spin. It’s very comfortable to hold, and I had an easy time hitting all my tricks. I will try to review it after a couple of weeks. It’s hard to say no to this one at $49.

I agree 100%!

It deffinitely has a medium paced play style on it. its really easy to slow down and get into the groove of your combos. Great for practicing new tricks since you can play slower

How would yo compare it to the shutter?

Love this thing. I have had it for 3 days, throwing it whenever I can… A little hard to explain for me based on being new to reviewing throws, but the vanguard feels just right. After the statement that One Drop released with the Vanguard. I was almost assuming this thing was being over hyped, although in my opinion OD has never over hyped any yoyo. It seemed to good to be true at the price. After putting several hours and even coming up with a few new tricks. I will say the way they explain its familiarity between the fingers and overall “refuels your imagination late past curfew” could not be better stated. It plays at almost a medium speed, although you can go slow or fast. I think Medium is where it likes to be. The weight I would say is definitely emphasized on the rims. 67.5 grams feels about right. Compared to most side effects yoyos I have played where the weight feels emphasized in the axle. (I like heavy side effects) As far as horizontal play the thing shreds…I am not the best at horizontal but its real stable. To wrap up this brief review. Always been a huge OD fan and I will remain a loyal supporter. If this kind of yoyo is possible at such a low price point, I am excited to see what One Drop can bring for our community in the future. Id like to here what other people think of the vanguard!

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ha just started another thread not seeing this one… I love it. Super smooth. Stable and looks great.

I feel this yoyo is an acquired taste, it’s definitely not the competition samurai sword of yoyos. It’s far from it, it’s more of the hydroponic, hydraulic suspension thug life low rider. This yoyo might as well be a spiritual successor to the downbeat, it plays similarly to the downbeat and almost slower, more rigid and solid.


This is probably a really silly question, but it looks like a similar shape to the OneStar, which is my favorite plastic throw. Does it in fact feel similiar? Obviously, due the material difference it won’t feel the exact same, but I would like something similar for a daily, budget metal.

Than i got lucky to buy this as my first yoyo and not knowing anything about unresponsive yoyos nor the vanguard!! ::slight_smile:

Does it feel like other OD’s? Is it the same quality? The Dang and Code 2 I own fell like nothing else…

I’d be nice to add to the collection… but I dont want a compromised or lesser OD

I thought based on its shape that it would play similar to the code 1 or 2013 H Benchmark, but it is definitely its own thing. favorite one drop in my collection…

can u thumb grind?

We always make the highest quality American made yoyos that we possibly can. Glad you felt that love on the ones you have. :slight_smile:

An exceptional copy? Doubt it. Exceptional is all OD will let out the door.

I absolutely love my Vanguard (also perfectly smooth and vibe-free). I’m pretty new to YoYos, and for me, it’s just right. Stable, predictable, and moves at a pace I can handle. It feels lighter/floaty-er(?) than the Downbeat to me.

I won the Vanguard at Cal State yoyo contest from a raffle. An I must say I am loving It with every throw. This thing is amazing. I don’t own many One Drop Yoyos. But I would recommend this to anyone who wants a solid throw. Has anyone switched out there bearing yet for a konkave or grooved bearing? how does it play?

Hi guys how would you compare Vanguard and Terrarian? I’ve heard that Terrarian is not as stable as it should be, at least for a non-advanced player. What do you guys think?