Thanks Onedrop


I took my daughter to the Utah state yoyo comp. onedrop had a table set up selling some stuff, the guys were cool as hell answering all my dumb questions…as we were talking my daughter was tossing her 201 around, the guy I was talking to reached over and grabbed a gauntlet off the table and gave it to her👍. She is super pumped. Onedrop will be my first choice when buying yoyos from now on, you guys rock!


That’s so nice of them! That’s why I love OD!!! Their yoyos are amazing as well. :grin::+1:t3:


That’s excellent! Love the community oriented company that OD is. This is the reason why I will keep buying their throws and support them!


You have no idea just how amazing one drop is. They are my dream team. Key word Dream. Cause that’s only where it happens lol. I plan on making a trip down to the one drop factory sometime this year. I cant wait.


The OD team members I’ve met are all amazing people, and, the company makes some darn good yoyos. I never intended to build a small collection of One Drops, but, they are all so good!


This here speaks for itself about one drop. they made these special for me and my fiancé. Now how many companies can you say would have done something like this for others who aren’t even apart of their team. One Drop is super amazing. One Day I hope to be good enough to catch their eye and then I will repay them by representing them till the day I die. Even now I represent them, recommend their products and tell others to always check out their website, team mates, and anything else I can do to bring people to them. They really are an amazing company, And I am forever grateful!


The power of referral is greatly underestimated, that’s so cool what they were able to do for you!

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One drop is awesome people super kind and polite😀


Very cool stuff here!! As many know I started off a crazy One Drop fan and now I am a member of the team. They are some of the best people around!! I love hearing stories like these!! OD For LIFE!!!


Awesome stories!

If I was going to by one One Drop, what would you recommend please?

My current favorite throws are my Shutter, Shutta, and Rave. I’d like it to be horizontal spin friendly as well.

Thoughts? Advise?


To the OP: That’s a cool story and totally typical of One Drop! I hope your daughter enjoys that Gauntlet. I’ve been throwing mine a lot lately and really dig it.

I live about 45 minutes away from One Drop, and I’m able to visit once in a while. Everyone there is so generous with their time. They’re super nice guys and make amazing YoYos. I never intended to collect One Drop YoYos, but I do now.

A friend of mine and I have started throwing at a local brewpub that has a big grassy area off the side of their patio. Every time we’re there, kids and parents ask us about YoYos. We always explain unresponsive YoYos and tell them about One Drop. We even try to show them how to bind if they’re really interested. I’m more than happy to fly the OD flag when I’m out and about.


they have proven it’s not just about the dollars, they care about the community they serve. I ordered me and my son a couple Topdecks, I will have a collection soon.


They make the greatest yoyo ever, The MarkMont Classic.


Such a great company. Great story too, your daughter will never forget that.

I was looking at my collection a couple weeks ago, and I realized that about 90% of my collection was made by One Drop. Either One Drop yoyo’s, or yoyos that they machined. Such great products, and in my dealings with them, really nice guys.

My only complaint is I don’t live closer, which is actually probably a good thing (for my wallet).


(Both that they make the MarkMont. Classic and it being (at least in my opinion) great.


Many kind words shared.


Thanks for the support and the kind words. We wouldn’t be here without you all.


Wow, I knew OneDrop was a bunch of nice guys (I met many of them at Nats last year and they were really awesome, letting me try all sorts of yoyos and I learned a lot from them), but these stories truly express the greatness of OD. It makes me feel even better about buying their stuff. Now it’s not just knowing that I’m getting one of the best yoyos in their price range, but it’s also knowing that I am contributing to their success in a small way and helping they keep going strong and helping the community.
What a great bunch of guys! I wish I could go visit them, but I’m on the farthest corner of the country from them :frowning:


My most excellent friends. To know them is to love them. And they make fantastic throws here in America. Just the best.


Modesty at its finest. Thank you guys for being so giving. My wallet is sad :stuck_out_tongue: but my heart is happy