One Drop Love!

This is why I love supporting One Drop! Paul Dang came up to my school in Halsey,OR today to talk to my middle schoolers. He brought up a bunch of throws for them to try out and took the time to teach them the basics. When he left, he left these beauties and a bunch of string for my yo-yo club. (Kids may not get to play with the Kraken for awhile while I “break it in” for them.) I was already a customer for life, this just cements it.


Yep, such a great company, for so many reasons.

My current (emphasis on current) OD Collection.

Nice! OD is a special company, with special people.
More Kraken pix pleeze!

Woah nice! Yeaaahhh I love One Drop. They some good peeps. And they make some great yoyo’s!

Love one drop! My collection keeps growing somehow

Mine too… Doesn’t help living so close to the shop…

More pics of the Kraken coming soon.

Love Onedrop to death! Such great throws they produce.

That’s just awesome. I love OneDrop.

I need to chime in here. Over the past few days I’ve had an email conversation with David at One Drop. He has been nothing but kind, patient and generous with his time and knowledge. It is very nice to see an established company show this level of interest in its customer base, especially the customers who live on the other side of the country. :clap:

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You got that right!!!


Feeling the love <3

Totally agree, they’re such a great company for so many reasons, and they’re really supportive of everyone in the community ;D

Is that a Cabal in your collection? I’ve been considering getting one, any thoughts? The nicest plastic I have is the YYF Regen

Cabal IS the best plastic on the market, hands down. There are a lot of great ones out right now, but the Cabal is leaps and bounds above them all.

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Man got my first one drop coming in the mail tommrrow. I cant wait. Ready to hop on the OD train.

Thanks for the response Aaron I’ll be ordering mine this week!

Thanks for the support! What did you get?

What’s the model on the middle row in the far right?