What should my first One Drop be?

(Robert) #1

I’m using a YYF One with a goal of buying a nice One Drop once I learn 10 tricks. Any suggestions for which I should go for, considering availability and newbie friendly? Also, any suggestions for a partner, any brand, that will play differently so I can start experimenting with different types as I begin the search for the perfect yoyo FOR ME. :slight_smile:

(Jon) #2

should probably get a cheaper plastic unresponsive and learn as much as you can on it. Get as comfortable as possible. It’d really suck to ding up your first one drop :slightly_smiling_face:

(all of them are really expensive, would be totally worth the wait. codinghorror sent me a OD Par Avion, my first OD, so I didn’t actually buy one yet :sweat_smile:)

I’ve been yoyoing for 2+ years btw

(Jon) #3

You could totally go get one if you’re really set on it, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t become comfortable on unresponsive yet

(Robert) #4

Well, I don’t plan to give up my YYF One. And I would never treat my One Drop like I treat my YYF. Other people go to the park to walk their dogs. I was walking through the park practicing “walk the dog”. Every time that yoyo bounced on the black top I thought “at least it is a cheap yoyo.”

(ClockMonsterLA) #5

Given how much One Drops cost, I would recommend waiting until you really know what shape/style of yoyo you prefer. Also, if you are a relative beginner, you will probably want to swap out its stock flat bearing with a centering bearing.

(Robert) #6

As a beginner how to do discover what shape and style works best for you unless you buy yoyo’s and experiment with a variety of offerings?

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(ClockMonsterLA) #7

Play a bunch of different shapes in the more inexpensive plastic format first.

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(Jon) #8


tl;dr don’t be a beginner


Oh man. That’s gonna be one hell of a jump in quality! What’s your budget?

Since you’re a beginner, I’d recommend getting one of the cheaper options in case you ding it up. I really like the SK. $44 new puts it on par with the OG Shutter. They pop up reasonably often on the BST so you might be able to grab one even cheaper if you’re patient.

The Vanguard and Gauntlet are $50 new but I think YYE only has the more expensive splash in stock for the Vanguard ($69 I think). Love the Gauntlet personally but I’d get something a bit more rim weighted as your first metal.

Sugar Glider’s also coming in at $50 later this month.

Second hand ODs pop up pretty often, though, even beaters sometimes so if you’re patient, I’m sure you’ll find something.

And if money isn’t an issue, VTWO, Valor, Format C, or Top Deck IMO.

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(Jon) #10

treating yoyos like glass is in no way a sustainable habit

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(ClockMonsterLA) #11

If you find you like V or H shapes, then I’d recommend the VTWO or the Top Deck.

If you find you like W shapes, then I’d recommend the Kuntosh 5000QV or the Format:C.

If you find you like O shapes, then I’d recommend the Markmont Classic.

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(Jon) #12

tbh honestly every yoyo is a beater if you got the cash (and heart )


Get the new Virtuoso!!! I have 44 different One Drops and the new Virtuoso is right up there in the top 5-10 of all time for sure!!! It’s light feeling, long spinning, and the response is perfect, especially for a beginner (super tight easy to land binds and not snagged at all!). If you could only have one one drop this may be the one! Otherwise I say get a side effect throw and a few different side effect choices so you can change the feel and light da get the feel of a completely different throw just by changing side effects. My favorite side effect throws are MMC, Terrarian, and kuntosh, but with one drops you really can’t go wrong!

(Jon) #14

honestly depends on technique. No amount of cash will make up for a fundamental lack of skill.

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Concrete helps :joy::sob:

(Jon) #16

lol I’m still yet to get one. Which is your favorite? I’ve been meaning to get a Terrarian

(Jon) #17



Don’t own one yet to make into a beater :joy::sob:

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(Gregory Braun) #19

I’m relatively new to unresponsive play, and have a Terrarian coming soon. I’ll let you know what I think.

(I love my Deep State, but that’s a horse of a different color.)

(Jon) #20

getting a deep state before doing a lot of unresponsive? That’s new :smiley: