Thank you OD

Ok so i just got my Vanguard in the mail (first metal yoyo i’ve purchased since 2011) Holy crap this this is so smooth and quiet I can’t even tell if it’s spinning !!! This thing beats the pants off my old YYJ Eneme…OD just got themselves a new fanboy because I can promise you I"ll be buying many more yoyo’s from them. The anodizing is awesome, the bearing is fantastic…I’m gonna be having some fun…Thank you so much OD for making such an awesome YOYO!!!

Grats!!! :slight_smile:

Which color way did you get it in?

I chose the YYE Edition…I love the way it looks

I love the way the YYE look too!

Great choice.

Oh I didn’t choose…I put a poll on here and you guys chose lol…they all looked good and I couldn’t make up my mind :slight_smile:

My Vanguard came in today as well (YYE edition), my mind is blown at the craftmanship of this especially with the base price being only $50. This is a yoyo I would highly recommend for one’s first metal as well, very forgiving and stable.

Good job One Drop (And this year seems to be the “Year of One Drop” for me as I bought a Top Deck, Gauntlet, and Terrarian over the past couple months, all very fun throws. Cabal, you are next!

Sounds like a cool yoyo but can you walk the dog?

Not only can it walk the dog…it can make the dog sit, roll over, and play dead!

Thank you all for the support and love :slight_smile: We really appreciate it.

Grats dude! I became a One Drop fan after getting my Terrarian. I then proceeded to buy a Markmont Classic and a Kuntosh. OD is my go to company now. It used to be YYF (still great) , but I just love how the OD yoyo’s feel.

I love the vanguard one drop. Enough said. Lol its that simple. It’s just amazing. Always

Enjoy your new Vanguard. It’s a great throw!

I would like to say thanks to one drop as well. I have a gauntlet, and I love it.