Dingo !

What do you think about it ?. I’m not looking for recommendation.I’ve got mine about 5days ago…

To me it looks like a bad yoyo

Velvety smooth, small, portable.

Although, it isn’t stable and it snags easily, though that may just be the heavily lubed bearing that I think has yet to break in.

Well, it doesnt tilt for no reason, but because its so small, if your not precise it will tilt, hence people calling it not stable. After I broke in the bearing and response, it binded quite nicely. I let my friend try it, who neglected buying it because it looked like “crap” but now hes willing to pay twice the price for mine. Also, the better you get, the better the yoyo gets. Id buy it again.

If you got yours about five days ago, why do you need a recommendation?

The Dingo is not as forgiving as a full sized throw, but for it’s size I can’t believe how stable and long spinning it is. I had tilting problems at first until I got used to it. I ended up cleaning the bearing because it was taking too long to break in naturally. I also like to run my 10 ball bearings dry. It’s perfectly unresponsive and I have no problems with snagging. Binds are tight and snappy.

ok the dingo is awesome

10balls drycauses it NOT to snag

its unforgiving like most 1drops it makes you a better thrower

please dont say its bad because u havent tried one

I liked it alot and it does make you a better thrower. Switching to a larger yoyo after throwing the dingo made tricks seem much easier, to me anyway lol.

I put a KK bearing in mine and the thing became amazing. with a standard bearing it is nice but like some have already mentioned it does tilt easily. the KK bearing seemed to add a lot of extra stability.

I have had mine for a LONG time. It’s a GREAT pocket yoyo. Stable? ehh, not really. Binds? easiest yoyo to do one. Smooth? Ohhhh yea. It isnt a must-need, but they are very fun.


small, as smooth as it possible for a such a small yoyo, and cheep, in comparation to other yoyos

Ergo: Even dont think, bui it ; - P