Dingo Yoyo Review

First Impressions: First of all this is my first review, and all metal yoyo so critisizim would be great. Ok, so when I open up the package I thought holy crap i ordered the dingo not the mighty flea. But facts are that its tiny. Then i thought “Oh no its not going to play well because it a mini.” But little did I know what it could do.

Looks and Feel: For a mini yoyo it had quite a good color. I got my dingo in green which was very viberant. The only thing I would have changed wold have been to make the dingo on the yoyo a bit bigger. Plus I thought the axle holder looked cool 'cause it was gold. It felt like butter in my hand thats just how smooth it was.

Play Style: The first thing I noticed was that it has slippy binds. It took a little while to get used to the binds but everything else was great. The Dingo handled all of my technichal tricks with ease. Its not the best yoyo for whips or slacks because it’s so small but they were good for a mini yoyo. The grinds were the best part though. The only grind I can’t do with this certian yoyo is thumb grinds I just can’t get my finger in the gap.
I like the 10 ball bearing to, its definitly way better then a speed bearing.

Conclusion: Well overall its a great yoyo for some one who wants a stable pocket yoyo or a first metal yoyo. It’s very smooth and can be brought anywhere. If you are buying the dingo I would buy some thick pads or hat pads with it to make tighter binds.

Hope I made a good review

how long did your 10 ball take to break in. and when it was breaking in was it loud? thanks

I just want to say this:


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