how good is a dingo

i get to choose out a yoyo thats not too expensive for my birthday present from my parents
how good is it how long does it sleep

It’s good. It sleeps long enough.

I believe it’s great if you like small yoyo.
With c bearing, sleep time is good.

I agree with the above, but I must say, it’s not very stable.

i advise you to not get it. it messes with your prefrence and is super thin 1.5 inches across! you should try a dm.

A dingo is as good as u are. It is not naturally very stable, but that shouldnt matter if you are accurate. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or just starting the advanced sections, I do not recommend it. For me, someone whos finished the stuff on this website, its great. It sleeps very well, is stable enough, and is agile and small. My pocket/fun yoyo of choice.

i aleady have a dm


it is okay
but you should get a better yoyo

Meaning what…? He should get a Dingo then?

it’s a good yoyo, but u can’t be lazy about your throw. i am very lazy, and hava lazy thrw, so i prefer the more forgiving campfire.

i think i am getting a dv888

that is really good for 5a!!

do you have one

no but i have tried one before

Everyone hypes a yoyo when it comes out. The dingo was super popular and now this. Soon the
Y-Factor is going to be brought down too. There are few yoyos that can stand the test of time. I can recomend the dingo. Read the reviews from when the hype was still high. If you still don’t want It then open your eyes and look for a yoyo you want. It shouldn’t be hard considering you have nothing to lose,