Dingo Vs Dark Magic

I really want a new yoyo and i want a Dingo or a Dark Magic and idk what one to get can someone help me? :o

I would pick the Dingo in a second. But what are your preferences? If we know what you like we can help give recommendation better.

Those two are incomparable, one is tiny has a fixed gap and flow groove response. The other is huger, an adjustable gap and hybrid response.

I mostly like doing slack tricks and landing the yoyo on to the string

Of course!!! They are both string trick yoyos, that does not help. What about weight preferences? Grinds? Are you looking for more stability or smoothness? Responsive or not?

personally, I would pick a dingo. they are very small, and if you can do tricks on that, you can do them an almost any yoyo. plus, it’s a great yoyo playwise and to practice with.

Lol “huger” agreed I hear the dingo is a little hard to use but still good. it all comes down to what you want lmao

I think the dingo is better

I find my Dingo easier to use, since its smaller it is easier to put it where I want it. I don’t have to worry as much about trying to avoid a certain string, or not touching it, or things like that.