A Dingo's Stable-ness

So how would you guys compare the how stable a One-Drop Dingo is to other yoyo?

I’m not trying to compare it to a $100+ General Yo, but to things like a DV888, Protostar, Revolution - other sub $100 yoyos.

I ask just because a Dingo is my main throw and I plan on getting more yoyos and would like to know what to expect since I’m so used to the Dingo at the moment.

u will be pleasently surprised ;D

I don’t find anything wrong with the stability. It’s not as stable as like any FundaMETAL, but it’s perfectly fine.

But compared to the Mini-Star and Campfire, it is much less stable.

Really? The Dingo seems to be the most stable out of those throws. Or atleast, in my opinion. I’ve owned all three.

I agree with Lump the dingo is extremely stable in my eyes, I own 2 of the three cant speak for the mini star but Ernie’s stuff is top notch so I never have doubts about anything he makes.

I don’t find the stability bad at all. It has really good stability for it’s size too.