Dingo vs. Ministar

I’m looking for some opinions on the Dingo and the Ministar, and for those who have tried both what they personally preferred. I have a Campfire which I LOVE and I’m looking for another mini to add to my collection. Obviously, price is a factor (the Dingo is about $40 less than the Ministar) but do you guys think the price difference translates into increased performance?

No, the price makes no difference. I mean, I like my Lyn Fury more than the PGM…

The Mini Star has a better catch zone in my opinion…

Tru dat. I would go with a protege imo.

I can’t say too much about a ministar because I have never used one, a Dingo though…

When I first received my Dingo, I HATED it. The catch zone wasn’t what I typically like, it was a bit snaggy on binds, overall it was just not what I wanted. MY wife jacked my Frantic so I played the Dingo, and the more I played it the more I liked it, I have been playing it for about 5-6 hours a day for the past 3-4 days and I am still getting surprised by how much I love it.

the dingo is a stable yoyo that peforms amazingly for its size. it comes with a 10 ball bearing which i am now falling in love with. the spin time is crazy on this thing. the ministar i havent played so i cant comment on that


Give it some love, and it’ll love you back. Right? :smiley:

Right :smiley:

I really like the ministar over the dingo

I have both so I’ll state my opinions subjectively based on what I know and feel about the difference between the two:
Dingo: Heavy feel both in weight and on the throw, smaller catch zone but amazingly stable. Spins long but highly unforgiving based on bad throws. Longer you play, the more accurate your tricks and string landings get. Therefore in conclusion you either love it or hate it.
Ministar: Nice feel in your hands and not too heavy on the throw, wider catch zone and plays familiar to regular yoyo sizes after initial getting used to the first few throws. More forgiving than the Dingo and spins long enough for most tricks. Therefore in conclusion nothing much to hate about it.
In terms of grinds: Dingo can handle finger grinds but difficult to thumb grind due to lack of IRG lip (it it quite flat), Ministar can handle both finger and thumb grinds.
In terms of ball bearing differences: Dingo uses OD ten ball which spins amazingly long and Ministar uses AIGR bearings which is also top notch. Can’t go wrong with either bearings here.

If you have used a Campfire before (in my opinion is a fantastic yoyo, I should know I have one too), pick up a Ministar and you will love it. Getting a Dingo needs some time investment to get good at it.

There you go…hope this helps.

i would prefer the ministar because it is a little bigger, however, It is a really nice throw, be warned though, mini yoyos are NOT for everyone…

I actually have all three including the campfire. I consider the campfire the best of the three for me but everyone is not the same. As most have said the dingo has a rather small catch zone but the more you play it the better you get. It requires lots of love and time to get used to. The ministar on the other hand I will say is also a great throw it has been harder for me to get used to this than the dingo (not sure why) I wanted the ministar more than any other yoyo I have and the hype I have heard about General Yo had a lot to do with that. Maybe I need to spend more time with it for us to bond but to sum it all up if you have the funds then buy both they are both great yoyo’s. I do really prefer the campfire though such a smooth throw and once I put a 10 ball in it it will be even better!!!