Mini-Throw Showoff Thread

(2Sick Joey) #1

The trend seems that most yoyoers like full-sized throws and usually don’t have mini throws. While I do love full-sized yoyo I also have a love for mini yoyos. This thread you can show off your tiny throws :slight_smile:

Here are mine!


Sorry for the delay Yomagic, I wanted to make a new shot. I added a few older poses too:

Flea, Pixy, Littles, St. Eel, Micro Mo, Popstar, Dingo, Token, Ministar.
micros by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
microsb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
micros1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


^^ Those look great all lined up like that!!!

I have a Dingo in the mail as we speak. I will get it up when it comes in!!


Thanks. Took me a while to set up that first shot…they were rolling around a lot. I will take a (joker’s) wild guess what color your Dingo is. :wink: Can’t wait to see!!


So here is the Dingo… I forgot how much I love this little bugger!!!


Great looking Dingo! Looking good…and how about how that silver shows on it, around the edges, very, very nice one :wink: I am still taking good care of the “yellow” one. :smiley:

Although the Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket (which I had a small part in designing and naming) is still being sold, these are from the original run. They still work great, and I still use them all the time… The other side of the Gold #2 is the unnumbered sided of purple #2, which I traded with my very good friend Don Harrison, also another Tom Kuhn/BC demonstrator from “back in the day”
The Throw Down “Shuriken” front and back, the very first unresponsive model I ever tried, and then I didn’t try another one for 5 years… ( haha, I wasn’t impressed) It really isn’t so bad, I recently traded for one for “sentimental reasons”
And… If the Dingo counts as “mini” then this one probably does too… It was made by a “company” that never actually got off the ground, that was going to be called “Outlaw yo-yos” but never even made it to that stage… The model is the “Crucifer” and it reminds me intensely of, and plays very similarly to, an unstacked 888… They also made another model called the “Victim” which I would someday like to have, just to say I have the whole “set”
Here is a shot of it’s guts, with the bearing and axle for “scale” It is pretty small.


I have a pocket rocket too. I never knew you helped with the design Chuck. That’s awesome. I left the stock string on for the photo:
pocketrocket by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
pocketrocket2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Latest addition to my micro throw collection. Tarasqus ;D
Tarasqus by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
Tarasqusb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Hope to get a Tarasqus some day. For now this is the smallest throw i own:

Something Angle XS


Here are a few of my mini’s!!!

Front row:
Original Mighty Flea
2010? Mighty Flea
Big Deal

Middle Row:
Alchemy CU
Kuhn Pocket Rocket - custom Southpark style pic of me sandblast

Back Row:
Prepro Throwdown Shuriken - has longer spikes that can be hubstacked
KC Dert - Uber rare, never sold, just given to 10 lucky friends of creator.


that acid wash on the token…beast :o :o :o


yes its lovely i have the same one! Unfortunately thats the only small jojo i have. I owned a gPOINT5 at one point. Miss that little thing.


How is the Tarasqus? I’m skeptical of it, though the catchzone is so elegant.


Of all of thee amazing yoyo collections that you put on display in these threads…

I must say that I am VERY. VERY. Very jealous of your minis.


Thanks! I have to say, that next to collecting the YoyoExpert Editions, I am most excited about the potential of collecting a case full of these minis. They are just so cute. Of the bunch, the Dingo is my favorite. It plays smooth, has some weight to it, and fits great in your pocket too with that modified shape.


Would any of you be interested in a mighty flea


Awesome, I’ll definitely be adding a Dingo and a St. Eel to my collection eventually. I LOVE playing with minis, but it always takes plenty of self encouragement to actually make a purchase. Something about spending upwards of 50 dollars for throws that are so tiny still gets to me…


Not sure i ever realized how small the Mighty Flea was until i saw it in the cup of the Littles, that’s just madness.


That pic makes the token look huge :smiley: