Dingo or POPStar?


Which yoyo do you like better or “think” is better?


Personally I say neither get a c3 token

But between these two I say dingo overall smoother and more stable but at a much higher cost


That’s what I did. Although it hasn’t arrived yet. Research indicated that for an inexpensive undersized throw, the Token was a solid way to go.


Are there any other yoyos the size of a POPStar? (Excluding things like might flea)


Forgot that the Token isn’t in the Shop drop-down menu. If you think you might be interested, here it is: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/744/C3-YoYo-Design-Token

Not quite as small as the POPStar, fo sho.

Looks like they got some new colours again! I probably still would have ordered the YYE edition, but the half-black half-purple looks great. I love mixed-halves yoyos.


Played a Popstar. Tried to like it, couldn’t. 2 hours, could not find a single thing I liked about it. My preferences made this a must avoid for me. I know others who love this. I’m just not one of them.

Bought a Token blindly. Heck, for the moeny, and C3YoYoDesign, couldn’t go wrong, right? Absolutely. Didn’t like this at first but once I got adjusted to it, it’s great. Wonderful trainer. Wonderful pocket throw. Pleased with this.

Super happy with One Drop. Got lots of “bigger” One Drops. Got a Dingo on Black Friday. I should have it Monday, but it will take me a few days to get to it as another pair of unboxing videos has been requested. I don’t think I’m going to properly honor that request, as I think I’m going to do a combined unboxing video that will include other goodies that will be arriving. I feel safe saying that at first, I’m probably not going to like this, but after some time I’ll be liking it.

I still haven’t thrown the Gnarwal from the previous unboxing video, just been too busy with other stuff, including playing the Puffin that came in.


I got that colorway! :smiley:

Anyways I recommend getting the token because it would be more of an undersized yoyo than a mini yoyo, and mini yoyos are hard to get used to and they aren’t that good.


PopStar’s are pretty fun, they come with a nice bearing and finger grind amazing. Id go so far as to say for me its more stable than a token. Ive only played the dingo once but I think its a bit bigger than the popstar. They both are very good but I would imagine the dingo is better due to it being almost $20 more. I don’t know if it comes with a 10 ball or not tho since I do not own one. But if you have the cash to toss around I would say get both when you can. The cafe racer is undersized too but not super small, things fun plays like a $100 throw lol

(Zammy Ickler ) #9

The obvious throw out of this bunch is the Dingo.

-American made and not the feeling of cheap.
-Solid, no side effects.
-Ten ball bearing for it.
-Stability for a smaller low-end throw.
-Limited run, so they will be a little bit rare.

Need I go on?


Dingo, Dingo, Dingo. I’ve owned both, and liked the Dingo so much better, it wasn’t even funny.

(Jace) #11

it’s preference. I played the dingo… didn’t like it. I played the popstar non-stop for months and love it and still play mine. I haven’t played the token though but I’ve heard good things about it. I personally would get another popstar before I’d get a dingo


Never tried a dingo, but tried popstar and token. Token is the way to go. Bang for buck. Color ways are awesome. Just wasn’t feeling the popstar, something wasn’t there. Maybe I’m a bit anti yoyofactory when it comes to minis. Would love to try a dingo, but ATM I have too many undersized throws and starting a mid size collection. Don’t forget the campfire from clyw, I just got one in a trade, way better than a token.

(SR) #13

Do not buy a popstar. Get a dingo or a c3 token


If price is no deal breaker look at their shapes to decide which you prefer. I have played all three, they are all very similar besides shape. If forced to only pick one and not having played them go Token as price is unbeatable. Playing them it was hardest to part with my dingo.


How; or does the token compare to last years yyf jk?


I already have the POPStar and Token, and I will be receiving my Dingo tomorrow. Out of the two I already have, I’d say go with the Token for sure. However, if money is no object, the Y Factor is an amazing undersized throw, which I also happen to own. I will tell you what I think of the Dingo when I get it, but I expect the Y Factor will still be the best out of all the yoyos I mentioned.