c3 token vs yyf popstar


i need help of these yoyos to reccomed to my cousin since he like undersize/ in this case pocket size, and does slack tricks,grinds. so which of these yoyos is best for the job.


I played a Popstar, and for me, it was dislike at first throw. I just did not care for this at all. That’s rare, I like darn near everything. Thank goodness it was a tester model, so I wasn’t in on it any money. I recently picked up the Token. The Token is a few dollars more but plays a lot bigger, way better and can handle all the stuff you want to throw at it. It’s not the best grinder, but it can grind. Anything else, that’s up to you and your skills. This one is going to help me with my accuracy since it doesn’t like bad throws and back string hits. For those two things alone, it’s well worth the money I just spent.

I am going to say that as much as I like the Token, because it’s so undersized(think Cafe Racer almost), it may not be an ideal fit for many people.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #3

The pop star is a great size/shape for a pocket throw in principle, but the weight distribution leaves it heavy and it throws like a brick. I haven’t tried the Token yet.


I would go with the Token every time against the POPstar. I’ve owned both now, and the Token is by far way better in everyway.


Agreed. The token is in my opinion the way to go. Stability is the hardest thing to find in a super undersized. I would vote the dingo and the token over the POPSTAR.


The popstar plays like a baby’s toy with a bearing. The Token plays like a smaller prefessional grade yoyo. Again, just one fellas opinion…



The Token in my opinion is the best undersized out there as of now. :slight_smile:


In my opinion, the popstar i like better,
pros- great grinding surface, super undersized, pocket sized, quiet, good weight, great feel in hand.
cons- little bit of vibe on bad throws but not too bad.

i love it i have the trifeca bearing in it it spins like really good


i like my popstar, don’t know why it gets all the hate…


Preferences. At least I learned from first-hand experience that I don’t like the Popstar.


very true. to every man his own.


You can grind better with the Token for sure. It’s also more stable than the Popstar. It’s also a larger pocket sized yoyo. I prefer Token.