Any thoughts on the popstar?


I am also thinking on gettin the yyf popstar. So what do u guys think about it?


I personally dislike it as a yoyo. I feel that there’s too much centerweight and it just doesn’t perform as well as other micro throws like the st eel or even the token in my experience.




I like it a lot…put a good bearing in there and its nice and smooth and really does play well if you know how to handle it…takes some getting used to but its worth it.


I liked the token better


How much is the token and who makes it?


I’m pretty sure(Dont quote me on this) Its $28
Its made by c3 yoyo design.


What is the difference in stats


Between the pop star and token


Btw, you can modify your posts.


Is the token better?


Based on many people opinions, yes it is.

Btw if you want an undersized throw, get the YYFxYYE mystery pack.
YYF said there would be an undersized throw in it, and i am speculating it will be a popstar.


How much are the packs and when will they be sold


Packs are $45 for 2 metal yoyos (one of the throws is undersized and one will have a value of $85) and they started shipping out today

Buy Here:

(Ian) #15

I actually liked the popstar. With a CT bearing and careful throws it was as well behaved as a full size throw for me. Of course there is going to be more center weight, it is like a donut hole vs full size glazed. I found the token less interesting, and the mighty flea WAY too interesting. Angrily interesting.


3A or 4A with the mighty flea. Haha.

Or try a 5a beesting with the flea. :3

(major_seventh) #17

Don’t get a Popstar. This warning will save you $25 bucks.

(Jace) #18

the popstar is one of my favorite throws. period. That being said, every time I log onto yye someone is hating on it. It is one of those yoyos that you either love or hate. A lot of people don’t like it and I can understand why, but if you are into “undersized throws” then you might like it. It is really fun for tech but if your style leans more towards bigger tricks then the popstar probably won’t be what you are looking for.

so basically, imo
tech and chopsticks = yes
body tricks and that sort of thing= not so much


Why? I like the popstar. I can’t speak for everyone, but both of the popstars I’ve had have been amazing pocket throws.


More like <$10 after a couple of days xD