any news on popstars


im looking for a small yoyo thats metal and really easy yo carry around and i was thinking pick up a popstar but there is none in stock on yye any news on when they will get more or any suggestions for similiar yoyo?


C3 token man their wayyyy better than a popstar. The token plays like a full size but in only 47mm plus v shape.
A general yo mini star


They probably won’t get any in for a while because they just had a sale which is why they don’t have any in. :-X Typically I find most people do not find the Popstar too good anyway.

I’d also recommend a Token if you like it’s shape. Lots of fun! :smiley:


I like my duncan metal drifter…

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I love YYF and all, but the Popstar is honestly the worst yoyo I’ve ever tried. Get the C3 Token.

Trust me.


A token is waaaaaaaay better!


if only there was some tokens in stock lol


Go on the BST and there is a b grade ministar for $39 I think


Played popstar, token, and campfire. Tried to like the popstar but I don’t know. Maybe I’m comparing it too much with the token and campfire. Never tried ministar. But campfire FTW!


What’s wrong with popstars?

I own quite a few undersized yoyos and I think that the popstar is a nice solid throw. It’s got a good weight, a nice catch zone and the price is reasonable. Throw in a kk bearing and it plays even better.


Yeah, I love the popstar. It’s one of the funnest yoyos I own. They’re cheap, play great for the price, and can fit in your pocket. What more is there to want? Trust me, a popstar will fit in your pocket much better than a token will.


well im just looking for a fairly cheap “under 30$” yoyo that doesnt annoy me when i walk with it in my pocket and that plays fairly decent. i prefer full metal too ,so the smaller the better.


More props for Popstar. Great yoyo. It weighs as much as my Gfunk and is really easy to throw in a pocket. I can do most of my tricks, although I’m limited in my repertoire, as easily as the full size throw.
Everyone will have thier own opinion but I give the popstar two thumbs up.


After I swapped out the bearing and put 1 irPad in my drifter, it became a very very good player. Organic shape, slightly undersized, and it plays pretty bouncy, which I like. And you can get em in physical toy stores if you don’t wanna wait for shipping, so that’s always a plus.


another good one is putting a single dif pad it works very well with it too. but i used it in a metal zero


Yuuksta! Yuuuuuuukstaaa!

I picked one up on a different B/S forum for £20 ($35 or something like that) and its fantastic! Small, long spin times and remarkably stable. Never tried a C3 token, but my Yuuksta is the nuts, so have a look around the b/s threads for a cheapy if it floats your boat.


Popstar restock is coming!

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Honestly, I’m not sure what’s up with all the popstar hate!

The popstar is my favorite YYF that I’ve played, and I’ve played a HOT, Genesis, Superstar, Supernova, Super G, Superwide, Supernova LITE, and a Proton. I know I’ve played with more YYFs than that, but those are what I know off the top of my head.

The popstar is small people! It can’t be super stable or spin super long but it can help you with getting down tricks for a contest simply because of it’s size.

No hate to the popstar, hate to the haters of it.

PS, I’ve played a token and a The Littles by Aoda and the popstar by far out ranks those in my book.


I have to agree


I have to token and the od dingo and I love them both both play different but both play like full sized yoyos