Opinions on popstar


I’m looking into one as a little metal beater but I’ve heard they are very small. Are they hard to use? Sleep time? Stability?

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A bit tricky to use, they don’t sleep very long, and they aren’t stable at all.

Of course, if you’re looking for a training yoyo, then it’s perfect! But if you just want a nice undersized don’t go for it. Look into the Token, Dingo, Nauae, (I think that’s how it’s spelled) and others.

(btw, the Popstar’s just a little bit smaller than a half dollar).

Good luck!


Per above. They are deficient in all of the “standard” measurements… stability, spin time, ease of use.

But they are bountiful in portability, fun, and challenge!

If you can get one for cheap and the idea of a small hard-to-use yoyo appeals to you the same way it sometimes appeals to me, go for it! It’s not as much of an “accomplishment” to land your tricks as it is on the Mighty Flea, so you’ll still be able to do a lot of your same tricks. It’s good fun, and it’s cheap even new.


I wrote a review years ago on it. It’s fairly stable, very very heavy for its size, and just a good pocket throw. I bought 3 and usually have at least 1 on me. People say it doesn’t spin long but I’ve had no problem using it to knock out some pretty long combos. In my opinion, It’s the best yoyo to learn tricks like spirit bomb with. As a metal beater? I would suggest looking elsewhere. As a training yoyo, It’s amazing. After using it for about an hour, you will be landing just about everything with ease.

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it’s very boring IMO. it’s not stable at all. if you can do long combos, you are either really good, or you aren’t doing long combos. i prefer my challenges to not be in stability, but in accuracy.


This thing blows it out of the water vodka

siriusly tho, if you cant find this at least consider the angle xs.


Can’t find anything about a yoyo called Kyrios. Just a bunch of Gundam references!

Let’s make sure we’re comparing apples to apples, though. Which is why I wanted to check the specs. :wink: A Chief also blows the Popstar out of the water, but not for inexpensive pocketable fun.

In order to ANY sort of meaningful comparison, you’d have to set parameters… width, diameter, and cost no greater than X.

Angle XS definitely looks like a competitor on all levels, though-- I didn’t know about that little guy! Now I kinda want one… :wink:


somebody link to Angle xs? I cant seem to find it anywhere.


Its 44/32/65 and $20, but just look at dat rim weight. if you remove the rim part from this thing then youl be left with literally nothing. no pointless flat walls, huge hubs. anything.
such solid. much fast. wow.
It is tied for second in my yoyos with the best feeling of acceleration. with the frking PHENOM.
now I dont simply ask for stability in a <48/<38 because thats against the laws of nature. just dont try a 20 second horizontal combo with it and youl be all fine.

Im pretty sure the name isnt kyrios, actually if it had an english name at all. if you’r really interested then u know wat to


I think the Popstar needs a size A bearing. Like others, I prefer the C3 Token for the price range. Token also comes in better color combos and new colors are coming out all the time.


Honestly I cant stand the color combos on the token for some odd reason.


wynaut size D?


The dimensions aren’t totally in a different league, but for some reason I like the Popstar in a pocket and HATE the Token in a pocket.


popstar is the only throw I can stand in my pocket

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My pockets have stretched over the years and I can even fit an H5 Chief in one lol

And keep in mind I wear skinny jeans…


mickey trollin the angle xs


When the Prague mystery pack was being released and a ton of people were hating on the popstar, I thought it would be awesome if some pro pulled one out in a competition and did decently with it. Just to show everybody that pocket sized yoyos, although not all about the best performance possible, can still hang with the big boys. This is close enough. Haha. Mickey is insane.


I hate it with a passion


well I can FIT almost anything but 4a stuff, but after sitting down, I’ll have a circular ring on my thigh. popstar I forget I even have in my pocket

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Haha yeah I’ll get the ring on my leg too :stuck_out_tongue: