token and the popstar


okay so i need to buy something with the sale and all and i want a pocket throw… is the token worth a few extra dollars? or does the popstar play better??


Token one of best mini throws ever and it beats the popstar by the mile.


Popstar isn’t with ten dollars. Way too small


i know but i want something really small…


im not a really fast player and i like slack and whips…


Token wins IMO


any more with tho token???

(kclejeune) #8

Token hands down. Pop star is hard to land stuff.

(DOGS) #9

The Popstar is pretty poorly designed considering it uses a bearing and response system that doesn’t flatter the rest of the specs in the slightest; it’s as if it was just slapped together, and honestly, considering YYF, I’m not surprised.

The Token, while still having that inherent issue of a bearing size that is too large, still performs leagues better than the Popstar.


okay i will get the token probably


Popstar is fun. And it’s ACTUALLY a pocket throw.

The Token is a superior performer, for sure, but I don’t find it “truly” pocketable. It’s too cubey for that. The Popstar will lay flat-ish inside your pocket.

So do you really want something truly portable (get the Popstar and embrace the challenge!) or just something small and “more” portable than a typical yoyo (get the Token)?


i got the token black with red acid splash. and a yyj classic.

aalso two new trifecta bearings from another forum user.

all for less than $45. ;D


I have the PopStar and I can say that while it is a fun throw. I never, I repeat NEVER carry it. It is just to finicky, as soon as it lands on the string it starts tilting. I agree that it is too small to distribute the weight enough to be stable.

I figure if I am going to carry something with me I want to enjoy it and not fight it constantly. That and I want to look like I know what I am doing at least somewhat, so a yoyo that is always falling over doesn’t achieve this goal.

I do not own a Token so I can’t compare to that, but I can say that a Mini Motu smokes it hands down!


The PopStar is tilty all right, but I can do a Spirit Bomb on it, so it’s not like it’s impossible to play. :wink: