Pop star vs token?


Which one is the best out of those two?

(UmeNagisa) #2

The Token SLAYYYs the popstar.
It’s super stable, and spins like such a truck. I personally would use a Concaved or CT bearing with it, as the Large bearing flat goes weird with a smaller throw.
The Popstar is unstable, and spins really weakly. I’d steer clear!

(major_seventh) #3



Haven’t tried a popstar yet, but I had the pleasure yesterday of playing alecto’s token, and it was amazing. the splash is beautiful, the grinds are good, it spins forever, and even though its small, it still has the weight of a full size throw. Needless to say, I ordered a black/blue token about an hour later. ;D


The Token, while slightly larger, is easily the better performer.


The Popstar is the tool for the job if you truly need it to be as comfortable as possible literally in your pocket. Token just won’t do the same job.

Token is the tool for the job if you need good performance in a small yoyo.




I had a token and it broke on the first ding the bearing is horrible and the axle got stripped on my 2 month.


*you stripped the axle on your 2nd month. :wink:

I’m making a dig, but Mryoyoguy raises a proper point here: the axle is short and I think the aluminum they use must be even softer than 6061 though I don’t know for sure. You must be CAREFUL AS HECK when screwing these back together. If you even suspect you’re not totally lined up, back it out and try again.

Luckily the aggressive V shape and small size makes it super-easy to pick out almost all knots, so you shouldn’t have to screw it apart much. And don’t be too afraid to do so, but be aware that you gotta do it PROPER or you’re going to strip the threads in the yoyo halves.