YYF Popstar 2016

So I recently received the new updated Popstar from the 2016 mystery box. It’s a fun throw, pocket friendly but it was missing something. Its weight seemed a little too light so almost felt like it lost spin quicker than the C3YYD Token. After messing with it I decided to try out a concave bearing with it… definitely the way to go! I had a easier time with keeping the Popstar straight and stable with the concave bearing (I’m still learning so others might be much better with the stock CT bearing). Overall after swapping to a concave bearing the Popstar becomes IMO more forgiving allowing me to have more spin time for string tricks. It’s now my daily.
Just as a comparison it’s smaller than the Token and the texture is more like very very very fine grit unlike the polished smooth feel like most other yoyos.


maybe centratrack still has the factory lubricant … you can try to clean it, but if you’re better off with the KK leaves this.

P.S. I hope the Popstar play best of Token … because with the exception of the finish and laser-engraving (really good), the Token is among the worst 4 yoyo I own.

Very possible. I tried playing with it for a bit to break it in but I think because of my experience I couldn’t keep the string in the center well enough so I lost spin quicker and it wouldn’t have enough spin to come back when I tried to bind it.
Also not sure about you but my Popstar came slightly dented from the box (sucks but doesn’t affect play)
As far as the Token goes it’s fun not bad but definitely different feel, I also have a concave bearing in it too

Thanks to YoyoExpertGarrett, YYE replaced my popstar for an undamaged one


the token I find it too massif, too heavy and with a very limited time spin … I think it could be designed better, even considering other previous C3 I own and playing divinely (Master Galaxy on all!).
However, the problem of box is relative, my Token came from the store with a bearing that after 3-4 throw began to make a big noise and became responsive, I cleaned it several times and finally … I threw it in the trash .

I get that. The CT bearing the Popstar bearing came with was louder than I would prefer so after using a MYY 10-ball concave it was definitely quieter. Anytime I get a yoyo I throw it a few times to break in then de-shield the bearing and do a thorough cleaning (some remain loud but for the most part they quiet down). I’ve been experiencing with my own method to get bearings to play the way I want them to


Love this new Popstar, since Yoyofactory has gotten rid of the hubs on the side it looks awesome, can you do fingers spins with it? When is the registration release scheduled?

I just went to the YYF site and I didn’t see any info on it.

Regular release is what I meant.

So from what I gathered the Popstar is made in small bundles and YYE is the release partner for it. There is no exact date yet, in another thread they said they would release when enough are made. Also as far as fingerspins some have stated it is possible, I’m not at that level yet hah still learning


When I first pulled the Popstar out of the Mystery Box I thought, “Cool, fingerspins!” Then I noticed that the bowl taking up the entire hub, dictates an even wieght distribution, and along with it being so small, I was skeptical about it being a decent player for anything other than fingerspins.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this yoyo! Yes, it’s not as stable as a modern, full size, rim-weighted yoyo, but I don’t find myself chasing the precession too much. You can also play to it as a strength. Gyro Flops are great with it. I was really surprised by the spin power. Again, the Popstar is not going to outperform a modern, full size, rim-weighted yoyo in spin power, but I’m still get caught off guard by how forcefully it comes back after a trick or combo.

As to fingerspins, It’s awesome, and so much fun! It is also pretty darn nice for grinds. For fingerspins, I like to throw at not quite horizontal, catch it before it starts to UFO, let it precess to horizontal, and then relax my nail into the center dimple. I think letting the yoyo UFO before popping it on to your finger, as many like to do, is much more difficult with the Popstar. It wants to bounce too much once it gets into UFO. I’m sure it can be done, but I found the other way easier.

I highly recommend the Popstar, if you like Mini yoyos.

Is there anyone who has thrown both the new and the old Popstar that can tell me if it has improved? It looks like Yoyofactory has gotten rid of the one thing that I didn’t like in the old Popstar (those hubs on the side).

I don’t know why Yoyofactory doesn’t realize this is one of the best yoyos that they have, in my personal opinion, and really crank up the production volume.

Maybe make a few out of 7170?

As far as stability goes, put in a Konkave and it should smooth it out, I have 2 and I love them.

I have a couple old popstars which I like a lot, but don’t end up in my regular rotation for whatever reason. But now I’m tempted to pick up the new version. Is this round made in the USA still?

I may need to go dig out one of my originals and play with it today.

I can’t wait to throw the new one.

Made in China.

Not surprising. And not that I have anything against made in china throws. I just thought it was kind of neat that the original was made in the USA.

They were? Didn’t know that. Cool!